X1600XT vs 6800GS

ok THIS X1600XT

HIS Hightech H160XTQT256GDDN Radeon X1600XT 256MB GDDR3


an EVGA 6800GS(plain) ?
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  1. Go With HIS X1600XT , its Better Than 6800GS :twisted:
  2. :P hmmm... last time i checked, the 6800gs was generally ahead of the 1600xt
  3. Yeah, they're pretty close.

    Generally I'd go 6800GS over X1600 PRO, the X1600 XT is a bit better but still a bit inconsistant in performance. 6800 GS is a safe bet in PCI express.

    In AGP they're clocked much lower though.
  4. lrighty so which is better for like..the long run newer games and stuff which has more value/useablity in the long run?
  5. Kind of impossible to say. Depends how devs make games in the future.

    The X1600 has more raw shader power but the 6800GS has more raw pixel pushing power. Both have strengths & weaknesses.

    This is for AGP right? Because in PCI-express the obvious choice is the new 7600 GT. Should be under $200.

    But in AGP, hard to say. I don't think you'll be upset with either choice. Neither is the best card, but both are solid. If you're an overclocker the X1600 probably has more headroom to play with. Then again, there is a game or two it performs badly with, like Call of Duty 2. It's more inconsistant than the 6800 GS.
  6. no this is PCI-e

    ar eu saying THIS

    eVGA 256-P2-N553-AX Geforce 7600GT

    is better than the HIS X1600XT ?

    the HIS has higher clock speeds, and a really nice cooler
  7. Oh god yes. The 7600 GT will smoke both the X1600 XT and 6800 GS.

    Awesome card for the $$.
  8. hmm

    benchies plz

  9. Here, firingsquad did a review of the 7600 GT where it goes up against the 6800 GS and X1600 XT.

    I don't think it lost to either one in a single benchmark.


    It's not just about clockspeeds, it's about architecture. The 7600 GT even performs closely to a 7800 GT at certain resolutions!
  10. Ditto, what Cleeve said, the GF7600GT will smoke them both and then some for games. And as for portending to the future, just look at the HL2-HDR, BF2, F.E.A.R. and Serious Sam 2 results, all could be considered future-facing games, and the GF7600 just walk alway with it by double digit % gains.

    The only exception IMO is for 2D video where ATi's AVIVO is nice. But in this case I'd make an exception to my usual missives about 'magic future drivers' and say that the gaming performance benifit of the GF7600GT is worth the risk of the promised improved PureVideo drivers (and the promise they'll be FREE finally).

    Definitely the GF7600GT for PCIe, solid bang for your buck, and in no way 'crippled', which is more than I feel I can say about the other two cards.
  11. what about an X800GTO2?
  12. x1600 is not worth your time.. its like a 9800 on steroids
  13. Even in that link you posted the 6800GS beats the X1600XT in every single benchmark...How is the X1600 better exactly?
  14. u can OC the X1600XT cuz it has a big ass HIS cooler


    whata bout an X800GTO2 with all th epipe line sunlocked it will have 16 pipes
  15. Quote:
    what about an X800GTO2?

    GF7600GT > X800GTO2
  16. Quote:
    Even in that link you posted the 6800GS beats the X1600XT in every single benchmark...How is the X1600 better exactly?

    Keep in mind that at the beginning of this thread I was under the impression that we were talking AGP; the AGP 6800 GS is notably inferior to the PCIe version.

    In PCIe, yes, the 6800 GS is the much better choice.
  17. The X800GTO2 is not worth it. 7600GT for $190 is a good deal.
  18. the 7600gt is better than a 6800GS which is better than a 1600XT... a the x800gto2 slots in between the 6800gs & 1600XT but its only PS2, not futureproof but raw power is quite good (a 1800gto is better plan these days anyhow...)
  19. But they don't make an AGP X1600XT version, just the PRO. (At least I've never seen one...)
  20. True enough. You can chalk that one up to simple confusion on my part.
  21. Would it be cheaper for me to just buy a new motherboard and a PCI express card?

    Can someone find me a cheap motherboard witha PCI express, I really have no idea how to tell if something is good, I need at least 3 RAM slots, PCI express slot, 2 PCI slots, umm yeah I don't really know.

    I was going to order a $225 eVGA 6800gs AGP, but if the 7600GT is cheaper than that, then why pay more for less? Can someone help me out?
  22. What kind of processor do you have?
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