6800GS vs 7800GS (AGP)

Hey guys i'm looking at these 2 agp cards and i can;t decide. any advice would be welcome.

XFX GeForce 7800GS 375MHZ 256MB 1.2GHZ DDR3 AGP8X VGA DVI-I TV Out Video Card -$337 Canadian

BFG GeForce 6800GS OC 256MB 256BIT GDDR3 AGP VGA DVI-I TV-OUT Video Card -$272 Canadian, i might be able to price it match to $227 Canadian.

i'd definately try to flash the bios on the 6800 GS and OC it on stock fan, i don't know much about whether the 7800GS can be flashed or how it OCs.

I just need a upgrade from my 9600XT to play oblivion, on 1280x960, medium quality.

This will be my last upgrade, i'm waiting for M2 and Dx10 to build my new rig.

System spec
Athlon xp 2800 2.1 Ghz
MSI nforce 2 board agp
asus 9600xt 128mb
2x 512 DDR333
2x 120gig 7200 rpm
SB audigy.
Win XP SP2.
samsung 915N 19inch LCD
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  1. HotHardware: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GS: AGP, Alive and Kicking:
    See: http://www.hothardware.com/viewarticle.aspx?page=2&articleid=783&cid=2

    :arrow: I don't agree with the concept of upgrading an AGP system beyond a Radeon X850 Pro, however the above comparison may prove useful.
    See: http://www.hothardware.com/viewarticle.aspx?articleid=695&cid=2

    :cry: If the level of detail you want in Oblivion requires Shader Model 3.0 you have no choice in the matter though really.

    If you are planning to play with 2x FSAA or 4x FSAA, and only need Shader Model 2.0b for the level of detail you want in Oblivion (It only requires Shader Model 2.0 btw) you would be better off with a Radeon X850 Pro. Especially with FSAA.

    As you are in Canada you can buy directly from ATI, however you may get better prices from Canadian online PC hardware shops, and access to nicer (eg: Sapphire) ATI cards.

    Still if you feel SM 3.0 is going to help down the track (until your next upgrade) then the GeForce 7800 GS is also a fine choice.
  2. i thought 6800GS also had SM3.0, i was more concerned whether my system could bring out the best out of the 7800GS or not.

    for ATI i would definately go for the x800GTO2, if it was in agp )=.
    and any of the 850s, even x800gto, is more expansive then the 6800GS. and i'm not too sure how the 850pro fare agaist 6800GS flashed and OCed.

    ATI website sells their cards at like 150% retailer price, its outrageous.

    thanx for the input though
  3. :wink: Yeah the GeForce 6800 GS also has Shader Model 3.0

    If you're after Shader Model 3.0 effects, maybe with 2x FSAA or more, then the GeForce 7800 GS or GeForce 6800 GS are both good choices.

    You can not always assume flashing the BIOS unlock pipelines will help, and many currently shipping 6800 GS are just clocked 16/12 th higher, with only 12/16 the the pipelines, compared to the GeForce 6800 GT, so they perform the same. However they use a new GPU smaller die, to get said 16/12 gain in clock speed, while taking up far less silicon and selling for less. 8)

    Obvlivion is more GPU heavy and less CPU intensive that most FPS games, so it will scale well even with on AGP system with the GeForce 7800 GS. That is also assuming your processor isn't 'the best around' aswell.

    If price isn't a major concern, and performance scaling is, (and you want Shader Modem 3.0 - usually a given these days, but thought I'd ask anyway), the GeForce 7800 GS is the better choice of the two for Oblivion, even on your current system.
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