Hiya all.
On my new 6800GS driver disk, there's a VIVO driver, and I've no idea what VIVO is. Could someone explain what it is to me?


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  1. VIVO stands for Video In Video Out.

    If you check the details of your card you will see that you have the ability to output your desktop or video to a device, and also take in video from a device. The VIVO driver is just there to manage these functions.
  2. SUPERB!!

    Was going to get a TV card for putting video's onto DVD from the camcorder.

    Guess what I'm doing today then :D

    Thanks for that,

  3. No probs,

    Did you get all the video cables with the card. I just got a VIVO X1800XT and I got about 14 million cables and adapters with it for the VIVO stuff, and I don't even want use VIVO functions!

    I always like it when you find you don't have to spend money, kinda makes you want to go and buy something else, lol
  4. No, I didn't get any cables with it, but I already have some.

    BUT, now the bloody video capture driver won't work :cry:
    All else is ok, but after the driver finishes installing it says the device will not start, and cannot use it. In device manager I have the yellow ! next to the capture label.



  5. I hope you have WinXP + ServicePack 2. If so, then possible that your VIVO drivers conflict with SP2. Solution: visit home page of your video card manufacturer and try to find answer there. Usually it is discussed in FAQ section but still possible to take a look on their own forums... It is possible that you will need download new drivers or patch and follow FAQ instructions... GL / HF
  6. Yes, XP + SP2.

    I tried your suggestion, and it doesn't really help. Just says to check for the latest drivers. Which I've done and installed, and still the same :cry:


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