Obtaining factory settings discs from packard bell

will packard bell provide factory settings recovery discs - mine do not work and the only answer i have received so far is to buy windows 7 operating system from microsoft AGAIN for $199 - this hardly seems fair as i bought my packard bell with a legal copy of windows 7
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  1. Oh boy, do you not have a genuine license attached to your PC, if so, all you need is a windows 7 install DVD, then you can install WIN 7 using the product key on the licence sticker attached to your PC. This way you have a nice, clean PACKARD BELL BLOATWARE CRAP FREE windows system ready to go!
  2. Why ask here instead of contacting Packard Bell? Now you have spent twice as much time getting them. If we say "no" we could be wrong as probably no-one here works for them, if we say "yes" you'd have to call them to order the things anyway.

    You can't just get Win 7 and use your PC sticker, you need an OEM Win 7 disk, and even then it may not work with your key.
  3. You can just get a windows Install DVD and use the product activation code on the bottom!

    I know this, because I do this exact thing on a regular basis for customers who need OS reloads!
  4. Thanks have a genuine license & just needed the "correct search term" i.e. windows 7 install dvd - now i can find it. When i looked up factory setting, got so much junk couldn't find what i needed. "Clean BLOATWARE CRAP FREE" sounds Excellent! Got nothing from packard bell, so no help there.
  5. Packard Bell still exists?!! :o
  6. If you got a PC with Win 7, it's pretty new, should be in warranty, why did the vendor not help?

    papalion said:
    Packard Bell still exists?!! :o

    Yes, but mostly not in the US.
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