vcore fluctuations with 3800+ x2 & a8n32

Hi. Just put this system together about a week ago:

a8n32-sli, 3800 x2, 7800gt, audigy2 zs, liberty 620w, and 512mb of really old pc2700 ram.

Everything seems to be fine other than the cpu and mb notching in 52C and 45C idle temps- which im presently attempting to treat.

The problem is the vcore- it was 1.392 right out of the box which i hear is normal. Then I oc'd to 2.2ghz and vcore stayed at 1.392. When I raised the FSB to 2.4 and 2.5 the vcore started bouncing between about 1.42-1.44(i can't remember exactly). Anyway I only left it at those speeds for a couple of minutes before bringing it back down to stock speed... BUT now instead of the vcore staying at 1.392 it's bouncing between 1.39 and 1.41 twice a second occasionally going above 1.41! I've tried almost every setting in the bios and now everything is back on auto (all default) but vcore still fluctuating.

I know it's only 0.01V but 1.392 at stock is high enough as it is. Is this at all normal? - should my vcore be fluctuating this rapidly at stock settings??

Any help would be appreciated before my ocz ddr500 gets here!! :?
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  1. I don't want to come across rude, but chill out man. Your talking about a .02vcore fluctuation, that happens, its normal. It happens to a greater degree the cheaper your PSU is (at least in my experiance). I have my vcore set from 1.55v to 1.65v (on water cooling mind you) depending on my OC.

    Honestly, don't worry about the fluctuation, my last build fluctuated .1v depending on its mood. It was a P4C on a Asus P4C800 Deluxe mobo and Antec trupower 550w (not a great PSU but a decent store bought one).
  2. thanks for the response man. i know, i trip at times. it's a stupid thing to complain about but the vcores on this board are supposed to be extremely solid- i didn't expect it to rise that high without any oc. I guess i'll see what the vcores are like at 2.5ghz(once i get some cooling).

    This whole issue leads me to another question- I know that raising a vcore too high will harm the chip over time and decrease its lifespan but what about the vcore fluctuating? Is a constantly changing vcore bad for the chip or does it just make the system unstable?
    ...Meaning, if i have large vcore changes lets say 0.1 or 0.2 but my system is perfectly stable do i have anything to worry about??
  3. If that's a real representation of the vcore (ie not just some software issue or something not reporting correctly) then fluctuation +/- can hurt it yes. You'll burn a lightbulb out quicker if there's a bad connection to it...the less fluctuation the better.

    However...I don't think (unless it's fluctuating wildly...), you have much to worry about. If you're pushing it .1v-.2v past it's max, i wouldn't worry about an additional .02 or so...I've heard people say not to push the X2's and other dual core cpu's past .05v extra, but i've seen where guys have pushed (on special cooling) past 1.7v. And i'm running 1.4875 right now and have been (with 2 instances of f@h running 24/7) for some time now (watch it burn out while i'm here at I would recommend you pick up a xp90 or somethin tho...It'll drop your temp 5-10c (with a 92mm fan). With 2 instances of f@h running i'm topping out at 51c (right now) @ 2470mhz and 1.4875v. You don't need to do that could cut yourself a hole on your case, right above the cpu (or parrallel to the cpu...) and run a short flex tube straight to the fan. That'll drop your temp faster then adding a xp90 (assuming your case isn't getting proper vent...I have like 6 80mm fans...and i'm about to drop 2 additional 120's in...cuz i'm not getting the ventalation i want in this guy).

    Here's some examples of other oc's:
  4. Yeah I've had my venice core up to 1.75v... its HIGHLY not recommended. As for that lightbulb thing, dont get me started. I bought 2 yr gaurnteed lightbulbs and i have had 2 of 6 burn out in less than a month... bastard apartments.
  5. rofl!!!! i do the same thing! I was going from replacing bulbs like once every couple of weeks to replacing them once every couple of months now. LOL. Stupid apartments...(which is why my main comp is on a UPS).
  6. Thanks for all the help guys. For some reason once i switched the ram(ocz pc4000 eb 2gigs) i got a solid 1.392 again- could have been resetting the bios though... I'm doing 2.5ghz right now @ 1:1 and my vcore stays at 1.440, though it drops to 1.424 for a few seconds every couple mins. It doesn't feel like a big deal, however the system is slightly unstable at times. That could be because one of my sticks is a little screwy- gonna do memtest.

    In terms of the temps- they're all over the place. I got a TT big typhoon with AS5 grease and i thought it was doing an excellent job- idle cpu dropped from about 52 to 36 and idle mb from about 45 to 38....But now they're both sticking at around 44C which isn't that bad minding the overclock but they were almost 10 degrees cooler yesterday..
    ..Oh.. and when i close my side panel they go way up especially the cpu- probably cuz the big typhhon has about an inch of clearance.
    ...when will the problems end.. :cry: nah, always fun though :wink:
  7. Well...if it's primarily an issue with your side being on (blocking airflow to the cpu...), then by all means, take it off, find exactly where the fan is in relation to the side, and drill some holes in it. Better yet, cut a hole in it, get a grill for the outside, then build something from scratch to force the fan to grab air only from the outside (which is much cooler then inside the case...). Something simple like a piece of coffee can or something...(or maybe something less metal heh...).

    My problem is that i have heat build up in the bottom of my cpu gets all the cool air it needs (5 80mm fans + 1 80mm in psu), but the SLI 6800gts trap a ton of heat down at the i need a way to get it out. I've been thinking...Maybe two fans down there, 1 in 1 out. The gpu's don't really need cooler air, they need the hot air moved out. I've got 2 vents (in the form of pci slot covers...). I've also considered drilling holes in the bottom...and putting an extra 120 in the top of the case. My problem with that is that there would then be a hot air draft going right over the cpu...But then, there's a slower moving one already probably...Hmm...I'm gonna start my own thread heh...
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