K8NXP SLI and XFI Problems

Recently i brought an XFI to go vwith my new system and to be honest i have had nothing but trouble with it.

The card causes the cmputer to crash and freeze no matter what games i play, this usually happens within the first 1 minute and most of the time crashes at the menu screen.

my system is

GV 3d1 duall 6600gt SLI
2gb OCZ 400mhz
hyper 630 PSU
and creative XFI Fatality

has anyone had any similar problems with this motherboard.

has anyone purchased a K8NXP SLI mobo recently and can you tell me the revision number mine is rev 1.0.

Many Thanks
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  1. Yeah... I have a similar setup with K8NXP-SLI, and an X-Fi I only had issues at the start because I did not completely remove my previous Audigy drivers. What I would do is uninstall all creative drivers. I believe I used a program called driver cleaner pro, or something like that, that specifically identifies Creative /ATI/Nvidia drivers (you can choose). This suggestion is only if you had a creative card previously in the system, otherwise, i'd try a fresh Windows Install, with the latest updates and drivers. There was a DirectX update to go along with the card, make sure that is installed as well. If you try a fresh Windows load, and it still locks up and freezes, check your RAM, and if that passes, call creative for a replacement card...
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