24in Sony crt monitor, any good??

Im in the market for a large 24in+ screen for my new htpc. I have the rom for a crt so i figured i could save some mony by going with a monitor like this

24in crt

instead of going with a 24in Dell or Apple monitor. How does a CRT like this compare to the LCDs?? Is there any advantage to still getting an LCD even though i have the room for the crt?? Its about half the price so i could definitly save money going the crt route.
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  1. I have never used a 24" CRT, but many 21" versions for CAD and gaming...
    Now I have Dells 24" LCD, first LCD other than several notebooks...
    I will never voluntarily go back to a CRT again, LCD's are just that much better to me...
  2. Big and very, very power hungry. You'd have to buy a bigger UPS if it is a mission critical PC, too. I wouldn't do it, there are too many things that could go wrong and too many disadvantages. Either use a couple of 19" CRTs with extended desktop or better yet go LCD.

    Just my opinion, and note BTW that I prefer CRT over LCD 75% of the time. 24" is just too big for a single monitor. Heck, I'd consider paying the big bucks for a projector before I'd go that route.
  3. Why is 24in to ig for a single monitor?? I dont understand what you mean exactly?? The 24in LCS screens get excellent reveis, do mean 24in crts or 24in screen in general??
  4. Aso what can go wrong and what are the diadvantages?
  5. Dude, alot of the LCD/Plazma are still in their infancy. CRT's are cheaper, have higher response rates, higher resolutions, and cost up to 75% less than LCD. LCD are nice, and offer good real esate on the desk, but are you willing to pay $300 for 2.5 cf of desk space and run everything at a lower resolution then have at it. If you do, by all means dig deep and get the LCD, if not save $$, get CRT, get better GAMING/DVD quality, and with your saved money, buy a bigger desk or GPU. This is coming from someone who owns the both of them not just speculation.

    HKP :evil:
  6. I spent $800 and have a 24" LCD that displays 1920x1200 pixels.
    Looks mighty nice on this side of the screen.
  7. Cool man. I payed $50 for my 1600x1200... things look just as good here. :D

    Oh and don't forget REFRESH rates.. 60mhz can be nauseating.
  8. I listed some of the disadvantages. My personal experience with 24" CRTs is limited I admit, but even the 21" CRTs in general seem to have higher rate of failure, mostly due to the power requirements. This monitor weighs 92.6 pounds for one, consumes 170 Watts on average, while 24" vis LCDs use only 110Watts tops. In the long run, the LCD would be a better buy IMO. Also large CRT's still have to have that electron gun that moves accross every row 60 times in one second (at 60Hz refresh rate, or 70 times for 70Hz, etc.) which is alot of work when it's a large screen.

    Remember though I can't speak about this specific model except about the specs I gave above.
  9. Im not sure which way to go. Its a hard descision, but I will most likely end up with the LCD since I have the extra money to spend right now. One other question I have is about the video card. The system i am going to use this monitor on is very similar to the setup in my sig, but with a newer crossfire mobo and an ATI X1300pro. So will my lower end video card be able to handle this large 24in screen?? If not, do i upgrade to a higher end card like the x1600?? Or do i just add a second x1300pro in crossfire mode? Im not a gamer, but i may want to check out a game or two in the future.
  10. Yes it will, but games will need to be run either at low details, or at lower res than 1920x1200...
    It depends on your needs as far as 3D graphic horsepower goes...Might consider the X1800XT 256MB versions around $300
  11. I hope you have a strong desk to support that thing. I had (well still have it just don't use it) a 21" CRT and that thing weighs 75 pounds. It bowed my desk from the sheer weight of it.

    So definitely don't put it on anything but a solid wood desk (not something you bought from walmart) or a metal one. My 21" weighing 75 pounds was enough for me. It was hard as hell to move around just because of how ackward it is to carry that big of a monitor. I know CRTs are better but I'll take my 5-10lb 19" LCD now. And I can run everything at 70Hz at 1280x1024 so I'm good.
  12. Forgive me if I'm percieved as stealing the focus of the thread, but I think this side track may have some relevence because at it's heart this is an LCD vs. CRT thread.

    Any numbers out there on how long LCD displays last versus CRTs? 5 years? 10? Do the pixels start dying one at a time? all at once? backlight burnout? etc.

    I've had a dell 19in trinitron since 1998 and it's still crushing away. I'd like to think that a good LCD display would last a similar amount of time, but who knows. I've had my eye on the HP L2335 23in LCD, but $900 is a lot if it dies a year after the warrantee goes.

    The relevant point for this thread is this: It's silly to compare CRTs to LCDs if in fact LCDs have no where near the life expectancy of CRTs. If you have the space and whatever else, and all you're comparing is image quality, price, and life expectancy, then doesn't it seem like for now CRTs win?

  13. With 19" monitors, MY EXPERIENCE (not big on myself--all caps to indicate I have seen no nationwide study or anything) is that CRTs generally last longer. However, 21" CRTs will not last as long as 20.1" LCDs.

    We are also forgetting that that Sony 24" is really only 21.8" viewable--so a 21" LCD is almost just as big. Hard numbers? Have none for ya...sorry.
  14. I think most good LCD's will run at close to original quality for 3+ years, hence the warranty, and most should get 5+ years. usually it is the backlight first to go, and you can repair that if you choose.
  15. CRT's scale better to different resolutions so you can pick the resolution that your graphics card can comfortably output, even different resolutions for different games.

    CRT's generally have better contrast and truer colors.

    But, as I look at my 19" monitors, and then at my kids LCD, I don't think I will ever purchase another CRT.

    CRT's output HEAT.
    CRT's output Radiation.
    CRT's are probably more likely to emit audible noise as they age.
    CRT's might create more RF noise (I'm just guessing here that the electron guns and deflectors are more prone to RF noise than LCD's).

    LCD's have thinner sides and are easier to put side by side for a stretched desktop.
    LCD's are lighter and easier to move (it was worth repeating).
    LCD's use less energy.
    Three 21 inch LCD's don't can be put on a riser without any special engineering requirements (Three BIG CRT's can crush normal furniture).
    LCD's can fall on your head in an earthquake without serious injury.

    But, CRT's are easier to clean, and the price is so damned inviting...
  16. 24" Sony CRT is seriously kickass! You'll be VERY disappointed when you look at at 22" LCD after seeing the gorgeousness that is superfine CRT!
  17. if you do not get a video card capable of running at the lcd's native resolution (which on a 19" is usually 1600x1200... bigger for larger ones) then you will have to settle for an interpolated image. the x1300, even in crossfire will not do what you want for those larger screens on an lcd. A crt can scale down and display a smaller image on the larder screen w/ no quality loss. google up info on interpolation for lcd's if you need to know more on that.

    I also own a trinitron 19" (someone earlier mentioned it) and I still love its image quality better than any lcd. Also, whoever said that crts fail more becasue of things like an electron gun and such are full of crap. A crt monitor is essentially the same (functionally) as a crt tellivision. My monitors and tvs at home are quite a few years old (all trinitrons except my one lcd) and perform as good as they did when new. If anything, watch the hour ratings on lcd backlights. that is the only weak point for lcd longevity, but not that bad since the ratings are very high. The newer ones w/ led backlights would be better. Regardless, all are reliable.

    If you do image work or game, either at high resolution I see two things to look for: if you get the lcd, get a top-end video card ($300+) to power the high res requirements. If you dont want to spend the $ on the card, get that crt (as you stated you have the room) and you can have the lower res capable card look better than on the lcd.

    crts are old tech, but not dead. Ever wonder why pro's that do top qual. image renders/manipulation and animation still use crts? watch a "making of" show on a movie w/ digital effects and look at the monitors in the background... all crts at the "working level".
  18. 19" is the cutoff for me. Anything larger is just too bulky, too hot, and too power hungry for my taste.

    I have a 19" CRT I've used after dropping twice (accidentally) AND after spilling dr. pepper IN it (don't ask!). Bought it in March of 2001, have used it 365 days a year no problems.

    I've seen more 19" backlights go out than I have replaced of every size CRT combined...
  19. I got my Dell 24' with a 3 year warranty for $799.

    $898.00 shipped overnight with tax, I have no complaints! I love it

    I had a 22" NEC CRT a few years ago and I can vouch for how heavy they are
    and I had to RMA mine twice.

    It is personal preference dude, but I think if you gave one a try you might not go back, remember if you buy it from Dell and you don't like it you can send it back for a full refund - shipping. I have done this with a laptop I bought from them and it was very easy.
  20. Hey,

    I have a ViewSonic G810 mon... large 20 in. If you are into gaming and price crt's are still the way to go. LCD still flicker but they are getting better.

    BTW this is an older monitor but still works like a charm... CRT tech. is older but still very useful. They do put off a lot of heat though.
  21. lcd's dont "flicker" they are constant-on or constant-off state. refresh ("flicker") is crt only.
  22. CRT's output Radiation.quote]

    Please. How many people here have brain tumors cause by their CRT monitor. Thats the same POS arguement as cell phones cause cancer. I can see being a little careful if your family is highly likely to get brain tumors or something, but in that case you'd be dead already from how many CRTs there are out there other than in your home.
  23. you feel better b/c of the refresh rate on crt's. lcd is a static image. the refresh rate on many cheap crts is horribly low, and many ppl dont realize you can set it higher on most midand high end ones. just look at a crt monitor out of the corner of your eye and you will see the "flicker" of the refresh. For me, anything under 80hz is sickening. Under 75hz and my head hurts. 60hz (where some ppl run theirs cause it is default for windows) flat makes me want to puke and i cant look at it for more than a minute w/o running away screaming...

    lcd's dont have that issue, which is why in offices it is better to look at text on an lcd all day than a crt.
  24. Thought I might add , I looked at your 24" Sony specs and I must say I thought it was a nice Widescreen CRT, I am assuming they arent making them anymore since I did a search for buying one or to get info and I either get Ebay or an old forum discussion on buying one from Ebay.

    Buying a used CRT is never really a good idea, you might not have any warranty left and what if the "used" one you get is burned in or cabinet is dingy and yellowed, didnt see a black cabinet model but I didnt want to spend too much time looking.

    I like a glass like finish on my monitor just like anyone else but with 1920x1200 on my 24" Dell you cant go wrong.

    Good luck with your purchase. I hope you get a few years out of that used monitor with no problems :P
  25. Interesting... Contrary to your statement most of the gamers that I speak to, some semi-pro, some pro, state that they get head aches from LCD/Plasma. I guess this will be one that we'll find out years from now or debate ourselves to death..
    Some of my own personal experiences with displays. I'm not shooting any ones theory down! :roll:

    LCD - Limited Res, Expensive, Still in it's infancy. (Ask Samsung...)
    + Small desk space, DVI, Light
    + Accurate, Quick Responce, Inexpensive
    Plasma - Burn in
    + Small desk space, VGA, DVI, Light

    So I guess your right.. It's all on your budget, then affordable features such as display, refresh, ergo*, weight, color.
  26. Dude you just gotta have the last word. How about this one then...

    SUCK ON AN LCD fanboy.

    Geez I just told ya my own personal experience. I HAVE NOT TRIED OUT EVERY GODAM LCD in the world. Gimme a break. How about getting out and getting some pussy instead of giving peeps a hard time on stupid shit like monitors.

    Get a life. Last time I post on this site. Thanks fuck face.
  27. i think he means they are limited to one natvie resolution and have to interpolate lower res images and games. crts can scale them down w/ no quality loss.

    Edit: umm... ya... ahh... not sure if this is worth arguing over anymore...
  28. Im most likely going to end up with the LCD since I can bu one brand new. The fact that there are no current crts made atthat size is kind of a turn off. I want something new with a waranty. So regardless which is better Im going t have to go for the lcd. Now which one to buy?? Apple, Dell, HP...etc im really not going to be doing any gaming so for normal stuff will my X1300pro be suficeint for a 24in monitor??
  29. Great, now aside from being a PC guru, you are also Psychologist! Seeing how you can think for me... Geez dude you really don't get it. Well Mr PhD, with your infnite wisdom could you please read this, you know the original post...

    "instead of going with a 24in Dell or Apple monitor. How does a CRT like this compare to the LCDs?? Is there any advantage to still getting an LCD even though i have the room for the crt?? Its about half the price so i could definitly save money going the crt route. "

    He said he has room for the CRT, he likes the budget, and asked about the CRT & LCD advantages. I gave my PERSONAL experiences, hence my opinion on the subject matter. I did not bash LCD's because that is silly. Why would I bash something I own??? Exactly. I decided to leave this forum to meat heads like YOU who see things from ONE side. Their side. I would just hate to discuss politics with you, let alone PC matters for that sake. Nice chatting with you all on this matter, and to the CRT Hunter, best of luck on your find. Hope it works out for you.

    EOM... :!:
  30. if gaming is out of the picture then the x1300 will do you fine. (if you are even thinking about toying w/ gaming I would not go lower than the x1600 if only for the ability to run higher resolutions)

    Based on what some have said earlier I personally would go w/ the Dell lcds. I have seen many of them first hand in action and have heard very little bad about them. If I was in the market for one right now that is what I would buy... just me though, and you may like something else?... good luck on the purchase.
  31. Thanks, I can get a very good deal on a pair of x1600 cards, would a pair of them in crossfire give me the ability to play games if I ever get the urge?
  32. oh ya, and you should see respectable performance and resolution capabilities... dont expect them to stand up with the likes of the x1900s or Nv's 7900s but they will do you fine if game are not your focus. rock on.
  33. Quote:
    Im most likely going to end up with the LCD since I can bu one brand new. The fact that there are no current crts made atthat size is kind of a turn off. I want something new with a waranty. So regardless which is better Im going t have to go for the lcd. Now which one to buy?? Apple, Dell, HP...etc im really not going to be doing any gaming so for normal stuff will my X1300pro be suficeint for a 24in monitor??

    here are some of the cards that support the 20.1 and 24 inch Dell's

    there were'nt any x1300 series listed but if you call them I'm sure they can advise you. If they support the older generation cards I'm sure they support yours too. Which is newer than these listed.

    Since you are'nt doing any gaming I'm sure cranking up the resolution to 1920 x 1200 will give you no problems :P
    Legacy/Current AGP Video Card Support
    *Legacy AGP Video Card Support - Requires video driver update from support.dell.com
    Graphics Card 2005FPW 2405FPW
    ATI RadeonTM X800 XT 256MB DDR-SDRAM
    *Yes *Yes
    ATI Radeon X800 SE 128MB DDR-SDRAM
    *Yes *Yes
    ATI 256MB Radeon 9800XT
    *Yes *Yes
    ATI 128MB Radeon 9800Pro
    *Yes *Yes
    No *Yes
    ATI Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition 256MB DDR-SDRAM
    **Yes **Yes
    NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GTO 256MB
    **Yes **Yes
    NVIDIA GeForce 6800 256MB
    **Yes **Yes
    ATI Radeon X300 128MB PCI Express x16
    **Yes **Yes
    ATI Radeon X300 SE 128MB DDR-SDRAM
    **Yes **Yes
    ATI Radeon X300 SE 64MB DDR-SDRAM
    **Yes **Yes
    Intel® GMA 900
    **Yes **Yes
  34. How mouch more performance do you get from a pair of cards?? For example, how does a pair of x1600s compare to a single x1800.....etc?? And does it matter when playing back DVD's?

  35. Well if the x300 supports the 24in Dell then the x1300 shouldnt have any problems. Does going with a better video card effect the video quality when watching dvds as well or only game quality??
  36. Quote:
    How mouch more performance do you get from a pair of cards?? For example, how does a pair of x1600s compare to a single x1800.....etc?? And does it matter when playing back DVD's?


    Think you are in the wrong topic dude, this is about 24" crt monitor. But I think if you are going that route, get the better card vs. 2 slower cards, chances are they equal the better card (x1800) and most dual card setups dont run all games properly. I know City of Heroes / Villains doesnt not let you take advantage of SLI, so it is hit or miss.

  37. I just installed 3 of these at a cusomters site:

    SAMSUNG 204T-Black 20.1" 16ms LCD Monitor - Retail

    They are quite brilliant, not too bright, and very sharp.

    I've always loved samsungs, I've seen some of the 24" dell's that were great and 2 that looked like sh*t, not sure why, probably quality control.

    Anyone know if dell sources from samsung or who ever has the best price?

    Something to consider, a laptop display in one model laptop can be made by numerious companies with varying quality, hence my samsung stance, you know who made the actual panel.
  38. Im not in the wrong topic, I started this thread because I was trying tochoose between a crt and lcd. I have descided on the LCD and now just want to know what i need to make it work right.
  39. any card these days will run an lcd of pretty much any size, might need to use an analog adapter if the dvi is limited on the card but that's rare. I'd stick with a ati x1600 or even an x800 or x850 if you can get a good price on them. Or an nvidia 6600 or 6800.
  40. If you are going to be watching movies on this PC, go with a CRT.

    There is no flat panel display on the market that can come close to the depth of colour a CRT can (10bits VS 8 bits). (Also this is excluding that $40k SuperLCD)

    I've used a 22" NEC FLAT CRT for 5 years now... they are based off the same tube sony uses (except this would be the 24" model) and they are amazing. I love CRT monitors because I notice the pixels on LCDs and their response times produce too much ghosting to me. (My roomate has an 8ms Viewsonic and I can see ghosting on his)

    And CRT's in this segment can normally do 75Hz refresh at max res so that should be a bother either.

    That's my $0.02
  41. Thanks. I also wanted to know if the better videocard will give you better quality when playing dvds?? I all ready have an Asus x1300pro that i am going to use in this system, but i havent built it yet so I can go with a differant card if it will get me better dvd movie playback I dont really want to spend more than around $150 on a video card since im not a gamer so either an ATI 1600 or Nvidia 6600 are about as high as i can go in my budget.
  42. Ive descided against the Sony CRT since they dont make them anymore and I want something new. I agree that the crt's have a better picture. But the negatives outweight the positives in my case. So i will be going with the LCD. Is just a matter of choosing between the many 23/24in lcds out there. Apple makes a nice one as does Dell.
  43. Man, my old GeForce 4 TI 4600, or my ATI Radeon 8500 Pro will play dvd's just as well as my x800 pro, dvd's are hardware supported by ALL modern cards, don't even worry about that. Based on some of Toms testing the quality overall is going down (using some expensive test dvd's for pro level stand alone dvd players), but I don't see it.
  44. Just curious if anyone has tried plugging there pc into a regular hdtv television like this
    30in hdtv
    Would you get a decent picture?
  45. with ati's newest drivers, all avivo cards rock the house for dvd/tv/image playback. Many reviews out there show it vastly improved. Maximum PC (not sure how many ppl here read actual paper reviews... ;) is really hard on video playback and showed ati as best right now w/ newest drivers. other sites show that even his x1300 will kick the crap out of any other card for movies. (excluding other x1000 series)

    x1600 wont change much for that, but adds better game perf.
  46. I still get maximum PC! I vaguly remember that now. ATI has always led the way in my opinion with visual quality.
  47. Dell's higher end ones do have nicely adjustable stands.
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