Upgrading Processor; Pentium 805 vs A64 3000 (Venice)

Hi there,

I am intending to upgrade my processor and I'm on a as-value-as-possible budget.

My current setup consists of a Pentium 2.26B, with 2 * 512mb DDR333 Ram, and with a 6600GT (AGP).

Should I get a;
- Pentium 805 (dual core, 2.66ghz)
- 630 (single core, 3ghz)
with ASRock 775i65GV (supports AGP video cards and DDR1 rams),


- A64 3000 (Venice) with a motherboard like Abit KN8?

Which will perform better and which is more value for money?

A few more questions pertaining to my computer upgrade;

- Will I suffer on DDR333 Rams? Is the difference between DDR1 & DDR2 Rams minimal or big? Should I upgrade my rams?

- I am currently using Volcano 7+ in my rig. Should I use the stock heatsink of the new CPU that I'm going to buy, use this old Volcano 7+, or buy a new one like Arctic Cooler 7 pro?

Thanks a lot for the advice guys! I really appreciate it =)
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  1. It depends on what you are planing to do with your rig.
    Multitask? Encode?
    Then go with the 805
    Multitask && some gaming?
    630(or you should better look for 631)
    Mostly game?
    AMD 3000
    And i would advise you to go with a PCI E supporting mobo rather than one with AGP. AGP slot is obselete.
  2. Keep in mind though that Intel CPUs will run hotter and consume more
  3. I think you should change RAM too, coz if you have DDR 333 it will be less than 400mhz FSB for both cpu.. (not sure about intel). Stock cooler for AMD is ok, silent but still keeping low temperature.
    You should also consider upgrading to a PCI-E graphics card, unless you're on very low budget and you must keep your agp. Anyway, there are some room for upgrade with agp...

    EDIT: intel does not need to upgrade ram, as it has a 533FSB.
  4. PD805 and 945 Chipset motherboard would be my choice
  5. With a 805, P5LD2, and the Freezer 7 pro you will be able to overclock to some good performance. Over 4ghz is possible. If you go with a VIA or SiS chipset you will be stuck with a slow chip.
    http://anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2696 - this Biostar looks like a good value, and overclocks.

    But, Conroe is soon. Some enexpensive chips will come out with it along with new mobos. I think waiting will give you the most value.
  6. Get the 805. It's the best value from Intel right now and would perform well for any of your needs.
  7. PD 805 is the better value = Best bang for the $$ especially if it's OC'ed.
    You can reach 3.8Ghz and a 760FSB on air with a decent HSF.

    This board is a good value as well and should help if you OC the 805.

    This link should give you an idea as to the 805's capabilities.

    Notice how they even compare it to the X2 which is faster than the 3000+

    Also, do a search for the 805 here as well. Denster got his 805 up to 4.0Ghz but had some stability issues. He's currently running around 3.73-3.8 Ghz Prime95 stable if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Quote:

    I want to read less theory, but more reality.
    Show me CPU-Z and SuperPI validtation or and prove that this is not propaganda discusion of people like you on the forums.
  9. I'd ask them, but I don't want to be an ***. You can do it.

    - Nº 1 : SuAsDu *IRONMODS* reached 4809.1 MHz with an Intel Pentium D [Details]
    - Nº 2 : PcCI2iminal JP reached 4508.0 MHz with an Intel Pentium D [Details]
    - Nº 3 : Murat TURKIYE with StockFAN reached 4309.0 MHz with an Intel Pentium D 805 [Details]
    - Nº 4 : coolaler reached 4209.5 MHz with an Intel Pentium D 805 [Details]
    - Nº 5 : audigy reached 4014.2 MHz with an Intel Pentium D 805 [Details]
    - Nº 6 : Murat TURK reached 4014.2 MHz with an Intel Pentium D 805 [Details]
    - Nº 7 : woomack reached 4014.1 MHz with an Intel Pentium D 805 [Details]
    - Nº 8 : Murat TURKIYE DDR533@800 reached 4014.1 MHz with an Intel Pentium D 805 [Details]
    - Nº 9 : Dennie Barker reached 4000.1 MHz with an Intel Pentium D 805 [Details]
    - Nº 10 : RossTheBoss reached 3999.9 MHz with an Intel Pentium D 805 [Details]
    - http://valid.x86-secret.com/search.php#

    Most of these are just 200 base FSB. I think 3.5 to 3.8 is within reason with the freezer pro. Not to many of these will get phase charge. :roll:
  10. Yeap, they are so overclockable, but with dry ice cooling:)
    What about stability, SuperPI:)?
  11. Nice, AthlonFX is AthlonFX, but 7.2GHz are 7.2GHz:)
    I would like Conroe EE runningn at that speed:)
  12. With conroe it's not going to happen. But that world record super pi WILL be beat!
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