asus cd rom drive are not good

i got one and it had trouble (one of the left or right channel) "dont remember wicht one" stop working properly but not all the time. "some time work and some time dont"(imagine the the trouble i have convicting the guys at the computer store that the product as faulty (i take 3 trip to the computer shop and one angry email to get my $$$ back)
the computer store where i got it had so much trouble whit the cd rom from asus that they chage compagnie going to LG drive.
(i dont speak of motherboard but about cd-rom drive!)
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  1. I had an ASUS cd-rom 36x and it worked fine for me. The computer store should have taken it.

    BAN Tbirdinside, and AMDmeltdown
  2. your is slower i have at least 50X asus drive nobody still sell 36X cd-rom that old tech man!
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