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Yesterday I attempted to hook up a router between my computer (well established stability therefore not the problem) and my DSL modem ( Cisco 675 provided by my ISP ). Now I've hooked up a couple routers before - both were the same - Linksys 4 port 10/100's. but I've never had this problem before - the computer would connect to the router with no problem, but the DSL Cisco wouldn't connect to the router. it's as though there wasn't even a cable between them. Thinking there was something wrong with the router I took it back and they tested it. I worked just fine in ALL aspects. Assuming a hardware incompatibility - I exchanged it for a Netgear router...same problem - no connection with the DSL.

Has anybody had this problem before? is there a way to fix it without calling my ISP and paying for a second connection?

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  1. Is there a way I can connect to the "MGMT" port on the Cisco 675 and access it - maybe getting it to accept the router?
  2. What kind of cable are you using from the modem to the router?

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  3. You have tested a different cable, right?

    Do you get all the link lights on when you connect?

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  4. I use the cable that came with the router ( ie NOT a twisted pair ). I have tried different cables. No link light comes on when I plug in the cables on either the DSL or the router. I know my router works because I watched the guy at the store prove to me that it works before I would buy it. link lights came on at the store using the same cable - but it won't connect at home. That tells me that it's something to do with my DSL.
  5. heh, nevermind all, all. I figured it out. It turns out that the DSL I use requires a crossover cable to connect to my NIC - and that is the cable I'm supposed to use to connect my DSL to my router. all is well now. My computer connects to my router, and my router to my DSL. And all the little lights are blinking happily.
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