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I'm thinking of upgrading to an AMD 64 3700+ San Diego core.

To get the kind of results I see in the tomshardware charts do I need a 64-bit version of windows? I'm only intrested in the performance of OpenGL and Direct X 9 applications.

If so, what kind of performance defecit should I expect running on regular XP SP2 32-bit?
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  1. No, you wouldn't need the 64 bit version of windows and in fact, I would not get the 64 bit version of windows as, many people have had nothing but problems with it. I know that there are some that use it and have had no problems with it.

    I don't think you would see much of a performance difference anyway. I've never used 64 bit Windows so, I could be wrong.
  2. You will most definately see results if you upgrade to a dual core. But your OS wont take advantage of the 64 bit processing available. Just wait for VISTA thats your best bet. I will be making the 64 bit switch soon and expect an increase in perfomance.
  3. I run both the 32 Bit, and the 64 Bit versions of Windows XP Pro in a dual boot configuration. 64 Bit is the newer 2003 version. I really don't find much of a difference in the performance of them. I run a Dual Core Opteron 175 overclocked to 2750 Mhz, so running dual core on 64 Bit does not seem to matter much either. My 64 Bit edition seems to be more stable. I could only run prime95 on both cores for just a matter of days on the 32 Bit version, while I've been running prime95 both cores in the 64 Bit for about 2.5 weeks now. I keep a copy of it running on each core in the background while I do other stuff. (namely COD2, CS, and Half Life 2) and it's 100% Stable. If you do plan on using a lot of RAM, or do stuff that has high computational content, I would go with 64 Bit version. Some people have not had much luck with drivers in x64, but I have everything running perfectly. So it's really up to you. It does sound cool saying I run Windows 64Bit though. ;)
  4. Windows XP Home is a 32-bit application. Windows XP Professional is a 64-bit. However, Windows Vista is coming out in the fall, and will be 64-bit. There is very little use for 64 bit processors right now, (except Fear's 64 bit upgrade) but once fall rolls around and Vista is out, there will be 64-bit applications everywhere. With your XP, games will run fine and pretty fast with your 3700. Don't go for XP Pro, wait for Windows Vista. Good luck! :D
  5. Quote:
    Windows XP Professional is a 64-bit.

    Win xp prof is NOT 64 bit...the 64 bit version of it is, windows XP x64
  6. I would wait for Windows Vista before making the switch to 64bit.
  7. I will wait until about six months after Vista is released -- for Microsoft to release the inevitable bug fixes, security patches and other improvements -- before I consider making the switch.
    I only finally switched to Windows XP Professional last year. I had my Windows 98 SE working just the way I wanted on my old system.
    I'm now on Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 and I'm happy with it (of course, I had to add on about $100 of third-party software, Norton and so on, to make XP work the way it really needs to work).
    I'm also running Fedora Core 3, but it's too much of a hassle to try and run games on Linux, so I end up booting into Windows mostly.
  8. I am waiting for Vista to come out. Vista will be available in 32 and 64 bit flavors, but I will go with the 64-bit.

    I do not see many advantages in 64 bit at this moment in time. You have to remember that 64-bit versions of Windows are capable of running 32-bit apps and this is the way most of your apps will be ran, in a 32-bit mode. So why upgrade to a 64-bit environment so that you can run your favorite 32-bit applications.

    Once developers start making games that run in 64-bit, that's when I'll switch. I predict that you will be able to purchase games that run in 64-bit for Christmas 2006.

    Before you decide to go to a 64-bit version of Windows try to find 64-bit drivers for all the components in your system. Most major manufactures will have 64-bit drivers for their popular products, but some manufactures and products won't have the 64-bit drivers making that hardware useless in 64-bit Windows.

    I remember my first 64-bit computing experience back in 1996, Nintendo 64!
  9. Pity we now have to wait until after Xmas for Vista to be released.

    I remember when the Alpha was first released (had 32 of them running together in a very large Digital machine, before they were call DEC/Compaq/HP).
    They absolutly flew compared to anything else on the market at the the time. Pity the OS wasn't the most stable, especially running informix
  10. The consumer version of Vista won't be released until next year. The only version they will be releasing in November will be the business version.
  11. im gonna have to dissagree.

    im running windows xp x64 and its awesome. yes there is the hassel of finding 64bit drivers but also keep in mind guys.

    1. the longer you wait the better the drivers get.

    2. 64bit drivers are pretty much available for all hardware parts by about now for x64 (even wireless network cards)

    3. vista hasnt even come out yet.

    4. when it does youll still have to go through the trial period x64 went through of working out bugs.

    5. im not completely sure, but vista will prob use different 64 bit drivers than x64 so now your waiting even longer for third party companies to make more drivers now.

    6. and if you use wirreless internet like most people do, linksys is not creating more drivers for OS applications, so GL on finding vista drivers for network cards.

    in my opinion if you want to make the switch to 64bit windows x64 has a head start on vista. and now that all the drivers are made finding the right ones isnt as difficult as everyone thinks. take it from someone using it as a primary boot OS.
  12. Quote:
    Windows XP Home is a 32-bit application. Windows XP Professional is a 64-bit. However, Windows Vista is coming out in the fall, and will be 64-bit. ...

    Folks, let's make an effort to get the information right before posting.

    Windows XP Home is ONLY available in a 32-bit version.
    Windows XP Pro is available in both 32 and 64-bit versions. They are sold seperately so you have to buy the right one. If you want both, you have to buy both. If you want to upgrade from 32 bit version to 64 bit version, you need to buy the 64 bit version and re-install windows and all of your apps.
    Vista will be sold with both 32 bit and 64 bit versions as one package. But most likely you will still need to decide which one you want to use. Switching to the other will require a full installation of the other, and re-instalation of your apps.

    BTW: there was a brief period where you could exchange WinXP Pro 32 bit version for WinXP Pro 64 bit version, but that time has come and gone.
  13. to get straight to the point,

    you will probably see a lil boost in performance by using x64 over xp pro.

    but, the difference will be small, and NO you dont NEED it.
  14. Quote:
    5. im not completely sure, but vista will prob use different 64 bit drivers than x64 so now your waiting even longer for third party companies to make more drivers now.

    Excellent point. Driver availability will still be an issue. I doubt Vista will be driver compatible like XP and 2000 are. I have a feeling that Vista will be more of a jump like Windows 98 to Windows 2000 was, rather than a minor revision like Windows 2000 to Windows XP (mainly a GUI difference).
  15. 1 thing I noted about the 64 bit I am using is that it seems to run BF2 and IL2 games smoother for some reasons. Not sure if there is an FPS increase but I doubt so. But the difference is noticeable. Also, I am midly pleased to use 64 bit drivers for my old Audigy card, the sound is better and the new console is a lot more userfriendly too.
  16. Quote:
    I am waiting for Vista to come out.

    Aren't we all?
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