TYAN S2892 beep Code of 1-1-1-1 - Finally an answer?

Hello everyone,

After about 4 months of screwing around with this motherboard and hearing about how so many people have had the same exact issues as I have with this mainboard, I decided to post this information that I hope is helpful to you!

I kept getting a beep code of 1-1-1-1 when turning on the power. I would get no video and just the 4 beep codes. Nothing else would happen after that and the manual mentions NOTHING about this beep error.

After many attempts of swapping RAM ( using TYANS Recommended RAM )and trying different slots I decided to get an additional stick of Registered DDR Ram (dual bank) and place it under the CPU1 slots. I had a earlier stick of 512 DDR Registered RAM from before (Single bank). I then placed both the 1GB Registered RAM and the 512MB of Registered RAM in slots DIMM B2 as the manual advises and also in DIMM A1. This solved my problem. I am not sure that the DUAL bank did the trick or if placing the RAM in the RAM slots mentioned, but the manual is useless and hopefully this will help others. I still have to test taking out the Single Bank RAM and just use the DUAL bank in its existing slot and see how it goes. I will update later, but I just wanted to get this out there now so I hope this helps everyone!
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  1. this helped me solve my issue which was a poorly seated memory module. thanks very much
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