can someone tell me if preformance difference of sata and IDE is noticeable? or point me to a thread that already adresses this issue?
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  1. depends on the task, but I'd say 99.9% of the user's probably won't notice the difference.
  2. Its barely noticeable, unless you have RAID setup, then you might notice a bigger difference.

    If you have a choice, go for SATA.

    If you want a more through explanation, just post for it. :)
  3. Raptors are sata which is what really has brought it into the spotlight. Probably wont notice a difference between sata and IDE but I will say this...sata cables are teh rox0r/ They are relatively flat and only about an inch wide compared to IDE which are um...big. Round IDE cables help some but sata still way smaller.
  4. SATA & PATA are both IDE. SATA interfaces are the future for now and being state the art improved in every way including noise.
  5. Thanks to all that responded
  6. If you have situation that will take chunks of data that are predictable at a non-constant rate, sata might be slightly faster as the interface from the cache on the hd to the system is quicker, but actual speed of data delivery from platter to pc will have no noticable difference (between comprable drives of course)
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