Issue adding memory

So just received my new 1GB stick of DDR400. I currenty have 2x512 sticks of DDR333.

I've got my BIOS set to default settings as well. I installed my new stick in all 3 slots and neither of them registered the stick.

My motherboard is and it says it allows 3GBs of single channel and 2GB or dual channel. I don't think the stick is back, but I could try and check it.

Any suggestions as to why its not registering?
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  1. Hmm, i had a similar problem. I had 2x512 ddr400 ram in my shop and tried to add it to my 2x256 which was ddr333... in the end i didnt get it to work. As well i had to cripple the speed of my ddr400 to get it to run by itself because my processor is only 533fsb. Let me know if you get it to run... i'd be intrigued.
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