Building a new System soon, need some advice

I was planning in building a new system soon, a person from this forum help me put together a system, this is my first system I will be building, I still can't find to a good case, I dont want anything with lights, or side panels, I just want a nice built case, with which is quiet, has 2x usb ports in the front with audio ports (mic/headphones) and will be good for my build, The case should be black. Please look at me build and tell me what things I could improve, my budget is $700 ($15-20 more, doesnt matter) and also which case should I go with.

Motherboard: ASUS A8N5X Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 ATX AMD
Video Card: XFX 6800GS
CPU: AMD Athlon X2 4200+
HDD: Western Digital Caviar SE WD800JB 80GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache IDE Ultra ATA100

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I hate to disapoint you, but I'd personally wait for AMD's new AM2 socket format. It will support DDR2 among other things. Just go a google search or go to The for more on socket AM2. I will say one thing though, it is deffinately worth the wait. New processors will be released under AM2 as well such as the Fx-62 and 5000+ X2. What I'd recommend is buying everything else except the motherboard, ram, and processor. Video card looks great, but spending a little more on a 7900GT at newegg won't hurt. You can deffinately do better hard drive wise, I'd say check this link out.

    Don't mind the reviews on it, I have the same version...and it has worked flawlessly. I'm probably gonna raid soon with an identical drive, but have had no troubles. If you are under a budget, then I would wait until socket AM2 has been released. Prices for current 939 products will go down. Other than that, if you are gun ho and will start ordering...I'd say you have a decent system. For a case, just search newegg for a raidmax or what have you. Any will do just fine and are offered in varieties of colors.

    If you have any other questions, keep asking.
  2. Thank you for the detailed reply, really appreciate it.

    Few questions

    1. When AMD releases AM2, isn't the price gonna increase? I'm trying to stay at or around $700.

    2. As for the harddrive, I don't think I need more than 80GB maybe 120gb, not really a hardcore gamer (sorry for not mentioning these details), but will definetly look into 7900GT,
  3. As for some cases, depending on your budget, you should check out these: ($25) ($50) ($50)

    They're all black without any see-through panels. The first link is obviously cheaper (in price and quality) than the other two, but it does come with a power supply (only 350 watt, but that's fine for your system) while the others don't.

    I would also recommend that you consider a larger hard drive as the average file size only increases over time, but if you're not going to do much gaming or anything else that takes up much space (ripping DVDs and such), then 80GB will be fine.
  4. The Coolermaster is nice!!
    USB! Mic and Headphones on the front!!
    Thank you! :D :D
  5. Quote:
    The Coolermaster is nice!!
    USB! Mic and Headphones on the front!!
    Thank you! :D :D

    You're welcome. Glad I could help.
  6. It all comes down to this, if you want one now, but it. If you don't, then wait. First of all, AM2 will bring new things to the table such as support for DDR2, BUT like everything else in the technological world it will take some time for the technology to mature and come into its potential, so if you want to wait for AM2 I would be prepared to wait a decent while past the release date unless you must have the latest technology always.
  7. Socket AM2 will decrease current AMD equiptment, but that may not happen right away after being released.
  8. "Few questions

    1. When AMD releases AM2, isn't the price gonna increase? I'm trying to stay at or around $700. "

    If you need a system now, I'd not wait for socket M2, as DDR2/800 is a bit more expensive, and, if anything, the socket M2/DDR2/800 models might be able to equal socket 939/DDR400 models.
  9. .. Thanks for all the replys, after reading them and thinking it through again, I have decided I will wait for AM2 release.
  10. AM2 will be no better than 939. It will cost more. At best (with very fast memory) 3 to 5% better.
  11. I like that case, I have one. And a 540@3.8ghz, Freezer 7, Asus P5P800, 2x1024mb OCZ Platimum PC3200, Sapphire x800gto, Antec True Power 430,WD SE16 250gb, Samsung DVD drives and floppy and a TV Wonder. With a ViewSonic 20.1 8ms widescreen. Like yours?
  12. Well, I'm using a black case with 2 USB ports in the front, and its quiet, and runs on 120mm instead of 80mm's. It's an AMS gMono, listed here at Newegg. it is $80 though, which could be on the higher end of your budget.
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