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I Recently bought a few new parts for my Dell Dimension 4700.

Umm just a moments ago I was trying to install Intell Active Monitor. And the whole PC went on almost like standby, The Screen Button went orange and the all the lights went orange so. I immediately turned it off and unplugged it. Only Drawback to the PSU I had in it was it had no SATA Connector for my HDD. I got an adapter. Possible the Demise of the PSU?

I pulled it out the PSU and put in the Stock 305 Watt Powersupply it fired right up though I'm not sure it's safe to run this PSU with all this hardware.

Now I need help getting a new one...Before this one has it's dooms day.

My computer runs regular ATX PSU and someone Recomended I go for this PSU

ATX12v...Will that run with my PC? And not overvolt Etc...?

Or should I go for...

Or any suggestions...
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  1. Could really use the advice, I want to place an order for something before this one goes too...If that happens...Then goodbye PC. And internet for a loong time cause I won't have the money for a new one.

    And my Local PC Shops have horrid PSU's...
  2. ...
  3. Sometimes it takes a little patience....One of the oft forgotten vitues. This isn't the most active forum in THGC.

    Both of those PSUs are great options. What are the rest of your system specs. Another option is this Fortron 450W - stable, efficient and quiet PSU. Unless you have a LOT of other parts in the rig, it has all of the power that you need for your rig.
  4. Thanks for the reply, Yeah sorry the topic got knocked back one second page. Two times.
    The only thing I'm wondering is will ATX12V work? This system Originaly had just ATX.
    Here's The Specs:

    --------[ EVEREST Home Edition (c) 2003-2005 Lavalys, Inc. ]------------------------------------------------------------

    Version EVEREST v2.20.405
    Report Type Report Wizard
    Computer ________
    Generator ________
    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600 (WinXP Retail)
    Date 2006-03-21
    Time 16:52

    --------[ Summary ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
    OS Service Pack Service Pack 2
    DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)
    Computer Name __________
    User Name ________

    CPU Type Intel Pentium 4 520, 2800 MHz (14 x 200)
    Motherboard Name Dell Dimension 4700
    Motherboard Chipset Intel Grantsdale-G i915G
    System Memory 2048 MB (DDR2-400 DDR2 SDRAM)
    BIOS Type Phoenix (01/10/05)
    Communication Port Communications Port (COM1)
    Communication Port ECP Printer Port (LPT1)

    Video Adapter RADEON X800 Series -Secondary (256 MB)
    Video Adapter RADEON X800 Series (256 MB)
    3D Accelerator ATI Radeon X800 (R430)
    Monitor Dell E153FP [15" LCD] (D54214B844YUC)

    Audio Adapter Creative SB Live! 24-bit Sound Card

    IDE Controller Intel(R) 82801FB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 2651
    IDE Controller Intel(R) 82801FB/FBM Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 266F
    Floppy Drive Floppy disk drive
    Disk Drive Maxtor 6Y080M0 (80 GB, 7200 RPM, SATA)
    Optical Drive HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8163B (16x/52x DVD-ROM)
    Optical Drive PHILIPS DVD+-RW DVD8631 (DVD+R9:2.4x, DVD+RW:16x/4x, DVD-RW:8x/4x, DVD-ROM:16x, CD:40x/24x/40x DVD+RW/DVD-RW)
    SMART Hard Disks Status OK

    C: (NTFS) 72355 MB (44182 MB free)

    Keyboard Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard
    Mouse HID-compliant mouse
    Game Controller Microsoft PC-joystick driver

    Network Adapter Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection (

    Printer Fax
    USB1 Controller Intel 82801FB ICH6 - USB Universal Host Controller [B-1]
    USB1 Controller Intel 82801FB ICH6 - USB Universal Host Controller [B-1]
    USB1 Controller Intel 82801FB ICH6 - USB Universal Host Controller [B-1]
    USB1 Controller Intel 82801FB ICH6 - USB Universal Host Controller [B-1]
    USB2 Controller Intel 82801FB ICH6 - Enhanced USB2 Controller [B-1]
    USB Device USB Human Interface Device
    USB Device USB Human Interface Device
  5. Any of the three PSUs listed is sufficient to run your system. Take a close look at the back panel of your Dell; the location of the psu switch/power plug may not line up with your case back panel. You can either buy a PSU that does line up or be prepared to mod the back panel - your choice. Newegg is a great site to research this type of thing because of their pics. GL and let us know if you have any other questions.
  6. Right...I do notice however I will have to turn all these PSU's upside down. Should be a problem though won't hurt the airflow I imagine.
  7. Be safe and check the dimensions of the PSU, including depth, before you buy it. It should fit in the 4700 case, but better safe than sorry. As far as orientation of the PSU - just make sure you minimize any airflow restrictions.
  8. Ok found the Dimensions.

    The FSP is best fit due to the Length being shortest.

    The XION PSU I had in was pretty small so it should fit nicely.

    140*150*86 mm FSP

    145*150*85 mm XION
  9. Great - GL with the install and let us know if you have any issues.
  10. Umm well I guess it helps to read the box sometimes...It says minimum PSU should be 500Watts for my Video Card

    ^ That is the Video Card I have^ Doesn't state it's minimum on Newegg Sadly.

    And I ordered the FSP 450 Watt. I don't have much in this PC... 2 Drives, 1 Floppy, Sound Card, Video Card etc. It's not loaded out the teeth with stuff I mean the 305 Watt keeps it going pretty stable and Cool. So the 450 Should be ok I guess...Right?

  11. Consider this possibility: Dell has for some years used a proprietary power supply pinout. There was some talk a year or so ago that Dell would return to the conventional power supply pin arrangement, but I don't know if that happened. My Dimension L933r, a diminutive antique, is of that Dell special ilk. The only suppliers of Dell specific power supplies are Dell, of course, and PC Power and Cooling. If your Dell has the proprietary arrangement, both the power supply connector and the motherboard power supply connector are unique to Dell. You can, at some expense, find a Dell specific replacement for the power supply but not, so far as I've ever seen, for the Dell specific motherboard. You could, if you can find something that fits the case and its standoffs, replace both with conventionally pinned power supply and motherboard.

    To check your system's compatibility, call PC Power & Cooling or email Dell tech support. I've found both to be responsive.
  12. I don't think that is the issue other PSU's fit. The one I had got was cheap and died on me. I had called around before and said that as lon gas it's a quality PSU it should work fine. I've seen other people upgrade they're PSU's in they're Dell's so I'm confident it will work.
  13. I've personally replaced PSUs in Dell PCs at work numerous times with no issues. I actually haven't seen a proprietary PSU in one since the Pentium III era.

    If you haven't already ordered a new PSU, I would strongly suggest the Enermax Liberty series - the 500w should do you just fine. I'm currently running one with OC'd CPU, 4x HDD, 2x Optical drives, x800XT... No issues at all. The dual 12v rail is extremely nice, as is the modular nature of the whole thing.

    Good luck to ya either way.
  14. Yeah I ordered already ( )

    Video Card Says Minimum of 500Watts on the box, Hopefully I'll be alright.
  15. You clearly haven't owned a XPS, no insult intended. That has one of the craziest PSU designs I've seen in a long time. Its a full length PSU abotu 3 in tall that runs along the bottom of the case and uses some crazy ass outputs. Needless to say, don't even bother trying ot buy a normal PSU for that type box.

    As for minimum of 500w on that video card, I really don't think so. That seems to be a very castious estimate. I run a 600w with twice the crap you have and my CPU is overvolted, as well as my video cards, run my water cooling off it, numerous fans, and lights and I still have room to spare. For a "budget" card such as your X800GTO I would bet good money on 450w being enough as long as you don't go overboard and the PSU has the right amps on teh right rails. I have a FSP and so I know they make damned good stuff. All in all, you should be fine.
  16. You're right, I forgot about the XPS :lol: I worked on one for a customer who's PSU had gone bad (93 days after buying it, god bless Dell and their standard 90-day warrantee). That was probably the strangest PSU I've ever seen.
  17. It did make cabling easier by running them through the front of the case, but yoru right if it blew, you are screwed. It was a nice little case, but the toolless design got really annoying once videocards started getting heavy and bulky. Eh such is life.
  18. Quote:
    You clearly haven't owned a XPS, no insult intended.

    Well sadly enough I'm not financially wealthy enough to afford one. Would love to have one...But sometimes things you want aren't in the cards. So like some of us I have to stick with a budget PC.

    Fortunately for me. My Budget PC is pretty nice. It will play most games I throw at it on High Settings at 1024x768 and stays around 53c Degrees under stress. 35c Idle.
  19. If you can hit high settings at a resolution your comfratable with then thats all that counts. Sounds like a solid build to me :) Let us know if you have any more problems.
  20. Even though the XPS may have a non-standard size PSU, Vimka was correct when he stated Dell hasn't used a propietary PSU pinout since the PIII era. Propietary size means it is hard to find a psu that will fit and a propietary pinout could fry components if you used a PSU that wasn't wired to their spec.
  21. Quote:
    Even though the XPS may have a non-standard size PSU, Vimka was correct when he stated Dell hasn't used a propietary PSU pinout since the PIII era. Propietary size means it is hard to find a psu that will fit and a propietary pinout could fry components if you used a PSU that wasn't wired to their spec.

    Technicalities :tongue:
  22. :wink: The devil's in the details...
  23. personaly thats why i leave the details alone. i explored them once and HE popped out and we spent the day together, but I got nothing done. It was quite unproductive, in fact it was counterproductive. So, i make it a point to avoid the details in order to avoid the devil.... LOL

    Ok... so i'm only posting to avoid research I have to do.
  24. Quote:
    Ok... so i'm only posting to avoid research I have to do.

    That's as good a reason as any :lol:
  25. Couldn't agree more!
  26. Cant really go wrong with either. The Antec has the detachable cable which is nice to get rid of unused cables. But performance wise they are very close, and both are good companies.
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