Aspire Xcruise w/4290W PSU vs. XG Dragon Black with 500W PSU

I know most people say that they just replace stock power supplies with better ones, but are the ones included with the Aspire Xcruise or the XG dragon good enough for the following to run with stability?:

(Thinking about getting the following)
AMD 3800+ X2
XFX GeForce 7900GT
Western Digital 250 GB HD
Asus A8N SLI Deluxe
2x1GB Corsair XMS
Pioneer DVR-110D Dual layer DVD+/-RW

If so, which would you get? There is a big difference in price, but I like the style of the dragon much better.
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  1. Deffinatly get a new power suppy, the ones that come in those cases are complete crap, there are many good power supplies on the market right now, i suggest go with a ANTEC or Ultra PSU they are pretty good, i have a Ultra PSU and it works great, i got the 500 watt and my friend just bought a 550watt Ultra psu.
  2. A friend of mine has the Xcruise w/ the 420w but only has A64-2800 & 6600GT and it does work, but for yours you will probably want more (like dual rail & sli). You can get them w/o any power supply from newegg.

    The XG Dragon has a 500W w/ active PFC and SLI approved, I tried to find the specs but it does not list them directly on - I wonder if they are using their "vortec" power supply line. If so those models do not look so bad. here is the manufacturer link..
  3. I think I'm liking the Xcruise less and less. Maybe theRaidmax Sagitta and just replace the power supply with an Ultra X2 Titanium PSU for $89. What do you think of that power supply vs. an Antec Truepower?
  4. I would have to vote for the Antec Truepower, since they don't have the reliability issues Ultra has had in the past w/ their X-connect line.

    One vendor I use mentioned his return rate for DOA on the ultra's were really high and a lot of others complained about RMAs for premature failures, hopefully they have fixed those issues...
  5. Right in that price range is the Coolermaster RC-531 w/o PSU. This case has an option for adding clear side panel as well as a PSU. The PSU is not top quality, but is a decent PSU. Here is a Coolermaster RC-531 Review done by our own Crashman.

    Edit: I have no experience with the Raidmax Sagitta, but i'd agree that the Antec TPII is better than the Ultra PSU. In fact it would go nicely with the RC-531, but I would be more inclined to go with this Fortron 450W PSU for ~$50.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions! I like the Raidmax Sagitta with the Antec TruePower 550W PSU which is still about $40 cheaper than the XG Dragon case by itself. The coolermaster case looks too plain jane for my tastes and it only $10 cheaper than the Raidmax Sagitta.
  7. Then I hope the Sagitta meet syour expectations and the build goes smoothly for you. :smile:
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