7NJL6 Flashing bios ?

i see that there is a 2.0 bios out ther and need to flash my friends mobo (running a bit low on socket A now =p ) i tried making a ms dos disk and i get the utility up for flashing but everytime i try to save it says no more room left. It also wont find the 7NJL6804.BIN file that is the new bios.

I use the commands


(for the bios utility)

and then from there try to back up the old one, it doesnt work (and no i did add anything but the bios flasher and the new bios to the ms start disc.

then when i type the name for the new bios it cant find it, i tried 7NJL6802
and i also tried 7NJL6804.BIN

if anyone can help please tell me ............
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  1. Use two floppys.
    One for boot disk and other one for bios file and flash utility.
    Boot your system with first, and then eyect it and put other flopy with bios.
  2. around here there arent many floppys around =p. Windows XP can run MS-DOS environment in cmd right. could i put the files directly under the C drive and flash it using cmd by typing

    and from there boot 7njl6804.bin?
  3. You can do all of that but in pure dos mode(with boot disk,not from command in win.).
  4. thats my problem tho when i do go into dos using boot disk. doesnt find the file and cant make a save of the back up be cause there is supposely tho much taken up on it already
  5. Find one more floppy and try like i said above.

    One more thing, are you sure that is right bios upgrade.
    I was flashing my epox board and it was shiting about like it shits to you.
    It didnt wanna to save old bios, the reason was it wasnt the right bios to flash.
    I was downloaded bios from europe epox site etc..., that didnt work, but when i downloaded from Epox u.s.a. it worked.
    Wierd tho:)

    Is this the board?http://www.chaintechusa.com/tw/eng/product_spec.asp?MPSNo=13&PISNo=277
  6. yup thats the one. would it automaticly go to the other floppy to save if the first one is filled? i havent used MS-DOS much or awardbios flasher
  7. The floppy has 1024kb.
    Men the bios is big 512kb.
    Meyby the existing bios on that board is smaller.
    Flash utility is 40kb
    It means 512+40=552+old bios
    Old bios must be 472kb or smaller:)

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