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I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, and every time I start Ventrilo, xfire, and Battlefield 2: Project Reality, they go into a Not responding mode for about 3-5 minutes then they respond again. While they are not responding I'm able to continue with what ever else but not able to use those programs. Any help on why these are the only programs doing this, and how to fix the issue??

phenom ii x4 955
4gb patriot ram
asrock amd870 extreme3 mobo
and my hdd is a WD caviar black 640gb
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  1. I suspect that your Power Save Settings may be the culprit. Win 7 shuts down the HDD's after a very short space of time. When Programs need the drive it is not there throwing the Program into a not responding state while the HDD powers on again. The programs that avoid this drama are normally in RAM thanks to Superfetch.

    Go to Control Panel, Power Options, Balanced, Change Plan Settings, Change Advanced Power Settings, Hard Disk, Turn off Hard Disk after.

    Tell the drive to turn off after some hours not minutes. See how that goes. :-)
  2. The hdd power save was already set to 20minutes, so I set it to 60 minutes just in case and it still continues.
  3. Ok well as we have eliminated that issue the next thing to check out is:

    1) Anti Virus. Some people seem to be having problems with Anti Virus especially Security Essentials. First make sure there is no malware playing up on your machine. Then try disabling the Anti Virus and see if the problem persists.

    2) Drivers. Make sure that you have the latest drivers especially for your GPU. Make sure the effected programs are patched.

    3) If there was a point where your system did not cause these problems then try and restore the system to that point.

    It is possible that an application install has caused an underlying problem. For instance when I installed various video editing software, if I installed Smart Sound my sound card went mental. It may be that you have to reinstall Win 7 and try installing one program at a time. :-(
  4. Okay well lets hope I don't have to reinstall. ):
    I'll try each one of the list right now.

    Edit: I just tried turning my CA Security Suite off and the programs still did not respond. But I've noticed that xfire starts up just fine, and starts scanning my system for new games then when I press skip or let it finish it goes to the log in screen then does not respond anymore.
    Also I went to check my system restore and it tells me I have not created any restore points. ):
  5. It sounds like your system is corrupted. Win 7 automatically creates a series of restore points by default. This makes me wonder if your system drive is failing and holding corrupt data. Check the drive to make sure it is healthy.

    Another item of interest is that all the affected programs seem to be programs that require the 3D component of your GPU. Check that your power supply is delivering stable and consistent and adequate power to the GPU.

    1) Check that your HDD is healthy. If it is the HDD BIOS then that is a very hard one to spot. It gives no sign of dramas but will fail at random intervals.
    2)Check your PSU is healthy
    3) Check your GPU is healthy
    4) Remove GPU drivers and reinstall with the latest drivers.

    If none of these fix the issue then complete reinstall is likely your only choice.
  6. Well my computer is no more than a month old, I just built it. Everything is up to date.

    It might be corrupted because I remember having to restore the system to before service pack 1 because of a error in installing it and once I reinstalled service pack 1 is when all the trouble started happening with these programs. But at the same time I don't think it's corrupted because it's ONLY these programs, everything else works just fine, I can play games, watch movies for hours and not have a single hiccup or trouble, but when I go to start ventrilo, xfire, or play the game battlefield 2: Project reality it takes 3-5 minutes for them to go through their non-responding state.
  7. Ok well that is very relevant information. Sometimes when the system is restored after a major change some corrupted elements remain. The fact that the trouble started after the installation of Service Pack 1 is highly indicative. Faults appearing after a major change to the OS means that the it is highly probable that the problem lies in the OS and not hardware.

    Scenario 1 OS installed, Applications installed, Service Pack installed leading to faults is not unusual.

    Scenario 2. OS installed, Service Pack installed then applications installed is the more ideal scenario.

    Of interest is since I installed Service Pack 1 Warcraft 3 bins my system on exit. To get around this (untested at this point) I changed the properties of the executable to be Win XP Service Pack 3 compatible.

    New steps.

    1) Change the programs to XP compatibility. If this does not fix it,

    2) Reinstall Win 7 apply Service pack install latest drivers, Install applications, patch applications.

    Hardware issue is unlikely. But test first if it gives you piece of mind.
  8. Just a note I traced my own problem to the controller on the SSD I just installed in my i7. Apparently I need a firmware update. Since I reinstalled to a Velicoraptor the system has run well.
  9. Okay I've found the problem. It was my CA security center suite that was causing the problem. I don't know what caused it, but I'm guessing since the last time I restored my computer it didn't reinstall or corrupted my security program. So Last night I was fooling around and I couldn't get my firewall to reactivate so I reinstalled it and it seemed to fix all my issues with everything basically.

    Thanks for the help Wamphryi.
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