Fan connections on motherboard stumbling block

I'm currently building a system on the MSI K8N Diamond Plus motherboard. On this motherboard, there are four fan connectors:


CPU fan is obviously for the CPU and NB fan already has a fan plugged in for the Northbridge chipset.

Are the remaining two fan sockets different? I have a Coolmaster Praetorian case that I have mounted the motherboard in. This case has three fans mounted on it - the front fan draws air and is plugged into the PSU. The back of the case has two smaller extraction fans. Should I plug each into the remaining motherboard connectors, or wire them together and only use one of the connectors? If so, which one and why?

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  1. You can plug them into the mobo if the connectors are compatible. If not, then you should be able to buy an adapter to plug them into the standard 4-pin molex connectors.
  2. I recently build a system with the Coolermaster case and I wired the case fans to run from the 5v Molex power. This was nice because it causes the fans to run in silent mode. Very quiet. If you don't mind noise, I suggest running power from the 12v on the Molex power.
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