Nvidia & guild wars

Mate of mine is having a problem with playing guild wars for more than 3 seconds without the whole PC locking up

A Xp2600+, KT333 chipset, GT6600 graphics, XP SP2, 768mb ram PC3200
audigy1 soundcard, all with latest drivers

graphics of wierd just b4 it locks up... this is a fresh rebuild, system 1 week old, nothing running in the background (even tried it with no AV or firewall running 2 see), any notions ??

Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat...
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  1. Nvidia's drivers will let you set your memory speed and gpu mhz. reset those to default.

    If that doesn't work..

    Download the latest and greatest nvidia driver.

    if that doesn't work...

    Microsoft's windows update has a certified nvidia driver that is supposed to fix a lot of problems.. try downloading that..

    you might have a memory problem also.. with 768 megs a memory.. that means you either have 3-256 sticks or 1-256 and 1-512..
    check the drivers for the video card.. try reducing graphics in the game..

    and if all else fails, start wondering if it's the memory... check the video card and game settings first..

    make sure all patches are applied to the game too..
  2. good advice.

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  3. after pulling the audigy, the game kinda works now, but crashes often... has been tried with just 1x256mb with latest nvidia driver

    machine is not overclocked but will do a double check, MS cert driver, hadnt thought of that, will pass that across

    game is fully patched

    thanx 4 da suggestions...

    Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat...
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