Window xp failure during read and write error

I have window xp prof, i had a read and write error and after restart it tells me that i have a corrupt sytem file. I also have windows xp 64 as trial version. Windows xp prof on 32 bit tells me to repair file system bit everytime i tried to repair xp i have a blue screen error becasue memory adn i have taken out the existing ram and restarted the BIOS setting. And nothing happens. I am thinking of reformating the computer is there an easy way out.

p.s i don't have a bootbale cd to do this
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  1. I would get the UBCD and run the diag program specific to your drive - it will tell you if you have HDD hardware issues and some of them will try and recover the bad sectors.

    Why not give memtest and prime a run to test the system a quick test too since they are also on there...
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