Buying Pentium 805 to overclock, which mobo should I get?

Hi there,

I am intending to upgrade my processor and I'm on a as-value-as-possible budget.

My current setup consists of a Pentium 2.26B, with 2 * 512mb DDR333 Ram, and with a 6600GT (AGP).

I'm intending to buy a
Pentium 805,
512MB X 2 DDR2 667 Ram (Does dual channel technology exist with DDR2 rams? Should I get 1 stick of 1GB instead?),
and keep onto my 6600GT (AGP) unless it's advisable to change it to a PCI-E card.

Which motherboard should I get for the above setup?

- I am currently using Volcano 7+ in my rig. Should I use the stock heatsink of the new Pentium 805 that I'm going to buy, use this old Volcano 7+, or buy a new one like Arctic Cooler 7 pro or something else?

Thanks a lot for your advice guys!
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  1. Yeah me too. This AsRock looked appealing because of the AGP/PCI-E combo.

    However, according to Anandtech the performance of the PT880 chipset is not very hot...

    On the other hand, you could get a PCI-E Graphics upgrade later.

    This might be ok for over clocking, I don't know...never tried...

    Edit: Actually, if you decide to switch to PCI-E, an X800GTO GDDR2 for $100 is a pretty nice deal on Newegg.

    Should OC the 805 very well.

    Since your going to need a PCI express video card here's a good value.
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