Socket 478 upgrade

I'm looking for a new socket 478 motherboard with pci-e support. The only one I've come across so far is the Asus P4GPL-X.

Anyone have any other suggestions or some good review links for the P4GPL-X?
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  1. They have those? Oh I didn't know...I knew they had PCI-E for AMD 754, but I never knew about Intel 478. Well, I don't know of any other mobos...sorry :(
  2. Take a look at the Asus P 4800 can find a link on the right hand side of this page in the Lowest price section.
  3. They have them but most that i have seen have a list of compatiable gfx cards they wont work will all cards.

    Asrock do one as well
  4. P4RD1-MX

    - Support Socket 478 CPU
    - ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Northbridge + ULI M1573 Southbridge
    - Dual channel DDR400
    - Integrated ATI RADEON X300 GPU (DirectX 9)
    - PCI-Express Architecture
    - 4 SATA (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0+1, JBOD)

    If you want a micro ATX MB there is this one.
  5. P4V800D-X Only VGA solution for AGP8X and PCI-E

    Intel FSB800 and Hyper-Threading Technology
    Dual-Channel DDR400
    AGP8X/PCI-E Dual-VGA interface Support
    RAID 0,1,JBOD
    Serial ATA
    10/100 Ethernet
    8 Port USB 2.0

    Or this one.
  6. Without a ton of detailed knowledge on this board I will throw out a caution flag. Almost all AGP/PCIe solutions have a crippled version of AGP. The only solution that I know has full AGP and PCIe is an Asrock board for AMD s939 CPUs. If someone has amplifying info on this boards implementation, then it would be much appreciated!
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