RAM question.

I've been googling around and can't find a satisfactory answer. I have a Dell Dimension 8250 (Technical Specifications):

I want to upgrade the RAM, however, it takes RDRAM (PC800 or PC1066) which is too expensive. The 8250 in question has a bus speed of 533 MHz. Currently it has 512 MB of PC1066 RDRAM. My question is can I replace the RDRAM with 184-Pin DDR SDRAM (or something else) or do I have to stick with the RDRAM (512 MB of PC1066 RDRAM is around 240 bucks plus I have to buy it in pairs). And if I stick with the RDRAM do i have to continue with PC1066 or can I switch to PC800? If I switch to PC800 I’m guessing I’d have to ditch the PC1066 chips right?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Can't switch up memory, it has different slots. Go to crucial.com and put in your model, it will tell you what type of memory it supports.
  2. Also, remember, all slots have to be filled too and you have to go in pairs (you should have 'filler' blank memory sticks).
  3. And this, folks, is the exact reason you shouldn't trust Intel as far as you can kick them!

    Buy AMD and avoid this sort of thing.

    Anyone remember RAMBUS paying Intel nearly half a billion dollars to use RD-RAM? I think I'll stick with my industry-standard DDR thanks.
  4. I'm just gonna play devils advocate here and say if you have an amd system and you want to put in more ram it has to be the exact same type as the kind in the other slots, even the manufacturer. So even though the intel system uses diffrent ram the amd systems have to have the same exact type in each slot.
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