Which of these PSU's ?

Which of these PSU's ?

OCZ ModStream (450W) £60

Enermax Liberty (500W) - £60 or (400W) - £50

Hiper "Type R" (580W) - £60

I will probably get the OCZ PSU *Oh yeah i forgot, it comes with 3 years warranty from where i'm going to buy it* but I can't find many reviews and to be honest i just want to know which is the most stable / quietest / reliable etc...

BTW if i get the OCZ do you think 450Ws will be enough, i have:

AMD Athlon 3500
1GB Kingston HyperX RAM
CD-RW/DVD Combi Drive
4 x 12CM fans
Epox EP9NPA+ SLi mobo
Soundblaster Live
2 other PCI cards

I went here... http://www.extreme.outervision.com/index.jsp
and it said i required 350W-ish PSU but i just want to make sure
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  1. Hi.

    I personally had to choose between OCZ and Enermax when i was building. I like the OCZ because of the Blue Color and the Silver Cables...and Enermax was very ugly with the black cables...

    But right now i am using the same Enermax Liberty 500W...and i have had no problems with it so far...its quiet...and ofcourse giving proper power to all my components. I would surely recommend the Enermax.
  2. Out of the 3 listed I would have to go for the Enermax Liberty. All else being equal, i'd go for the Enermax quality, reliability and efficiency.
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