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Hello everyone,
I'm currently running an old P3 with a Trinitron 991 monitor. The monitor is fadding out and I wish to got to an LCD. The one I want provides a DVI hookup only which is OK because I will be building my new 'puter myself. (That's a scary thought!)
My question is if I use a analog-to-DVI adapter, will it affect the LCD's picture? If so, how much or will picture be about the same as an analog would be?
Truly appreciate you guys help...
Is this a great forum, or what?!

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  1. The picture will be just as good as any other overall. Once you build your new computer, hook up the dvi and do a test to see if you see any difference.
    I have my wifes lcd hooked up thru normal vga and it looks great.
  2. Thanks, Sturm... much appreciated!
  3. My LCD has only a VGA port. I was kind of disturbed when I realized this, but the image quality is just as good as with a digital connection. Oh yeah; get a 19' LCD because they're ALOT cheaper than the 20' models, and barely smaller. And get one with a response time of 16 ms or less, or else you'll notice ghosting while playing games. Quack.
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