Look for the best dual Opteron board for a pair of 285s

I am planing a new system which I will begin building in early May. I was considering dual opteron's. 2 x dual core 285s = 4 cores.

What is the best (read, most reliable as well as fastest) motherboard for these processors?

Secondly, is this configuration the best choice for what I am trying to do. That being, photoshop, premiere pro along with heavy use of speech recognition (Dragon Naturally Speeking)? If not, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. you sure you need that much power? im sure even a dual core pentium d or a64 x2 would suffice.
  2. Asside from the horsepower used by these applications, I use the voice recognition along with them.

    Sometimes I have need to run all three at once. That consumes a great deal of power. That is also why multiple processors and multiple cores are so important.

    Currently I am running dual 2.6ghz Xeons with 3gb ram. That is too slow.

    Thanks for the quick reply,
  3. well the only one that is horrible on a system is premier pro... and you can never toss enough power at it. If your looking at waiting until may you might want to wait for socket AM2 being as video is really bandwidth hungry from what I've seen. I'd look in the adobe forums for info about ideal systems for what you intend on doing with it.
  4. I like that nobody has suggested any boards in the previous posts. From what i have heard, one of the brands you should be looking at is Tyan. They make server boards with dual sockets for opterons. I dont know about performance or anything, but now that you know a make, you can do more research. Hope this helps a bit.
  5. My understanding (I could be wrong) is that AM2 is only for single processors and that Socket "F" is for the dual processors (as well as supporting DDR2).

    The trouble with that is that nobody seems to know when that will be release (or how much more that will cost).

    I assume that if I went with a Socket F system, that I would need a different (read new) CPU other than the 285. I'm betting that would be significantly more money (or am I incorrect)?

  6. I'd look at Tyan and msi, Tyan being the more stable of the two. Check pricewatch>motherboard>opteron for listings.
  7. Okay, I looked at Tyan's website and got some ideas. I now have another question.

    Some of the boards (most of the ones that look good to me) have a form factor of "SSI EEB".

    What is "SSI EEB" and is finding a case (preferably one with a lot of drive bays, and very quiet) going to be a problem?

  8. Agree with other poster, Tyan is indeed "the man" among good Opty server boards....!

    (check out some options from www.iwillusa.com as well)
  9. I just googled "SSI EEB cases" and it came up with quite a few of them. That i believe is a form that is only really taken on by servers so i would assume that the cases will have a decent amount of drive bays. Good Luck man, its going to be a hell of a system.

    O yeah, and your comment about the socket F, its most likely going to cost quite a bit more than the 285's on release and them coming out will most likely drop the price of the 285's a bit. But with the specs that you are looking at, its going to be a killer system regardless.
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