Wierd problem with new video card, need some help.

Just got my new 7800gs AGP card but when I put it in and start comp up, bios wont even post. Only thing that comes up is the MSI startup screen which is pre-post. The mobo is MSI Neo-FIS2R and the warning lights on the back are telling me that it is freezing at the "boot attempt" stage. I cannot understand why a new video card would screw up a mobo. Obviously it isnt the mobo since I just plugged my old vid card in and here I am. Im sure im seating the card right, I have minimum reqs, ive made sure to plug in xtra power to card but those only things I could think of. Any help appreciated, would like to get several suggestions b4 plugging that card back in because it is practically friggin impossible to get out of the slot.
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  1. nobody knows what could be wrong?
  2. try to clear the cmos before ya try it again look in the book for your mobo
    if your not sure which jumper it is
  3. Hello...

    First of all.. I can't find your MoBo in the MSI official site...

    I can only guess that the PSU is not enought... Try a bigger one...

    And give us the layout of your PC in detail to check if their is a known compatibility issue...
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