Problems with my new x1900xt... strange...

Randomly my network connection goes haywire.

Before I was able to play in a game server, but couldn't get on any website, nor get on aim. I could get into vent however.

Few reboots seemed to solve it, and now randomly I have 0 internet connection, but can connect to any site from my laptop fine (which is on the same router).

The ONLY thing that changed between when the computer worked fine and now is the ATI x1900xt and drivers. Suggestions??!

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  1. Totally didn't cross my mind to check on resource/IRQ conflicts. That looks like it MIGHT be the problem.

  2. I reinstalled the card, and it took the same IRQ. Reinstalled the network drivers, same thing.

    The network card is 1000Mbps and built onto the motherboard, so I can't swap the slots.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Please help, I want to play some CS!

  3. What mobo/CPU R U using? What ATI drivers?
    Did you update Windows and CS to latest patches?
  4. If you are using Zone Alarm or Norton Internet Security, get rid of it. Those are for people who think they know more about computers than they really do. You should also look for Winsock Fix online and run it (download it on your laptop if you have to).
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