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Forgive me if this has been covered before - I did a lot of forum searches, and either the search paramaters are too broad, or I just didn't find exactly the right thing.

In any case, one of my hard drives failed (not the one I boot from), and I've been trying to recover the data. I used GetDataBack's test version, and it can obviously get everything, and even create a .img file of the old disk. The problem is that I am a superpoor college student, and I'm trying to avoid buying the full version - no other programs I've tried seems to work.

So, does anyone know how I can
A. Find freeware that will recover these files for me?
B. Figure out some way to access these .img files? I've used Daemon tools and that crap, and I can't seem to mount this huge 111 GB .img file as a drive. I'm not sure how to proceed.

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  1. I have a link to a good one at home. When I get home i'll send it to you. Please PM me to remind me or I'll forget.
  2. Thanks for your message on the HD links! After a few other programs didn't do the trick I was just about to pay for the software...but I'll wait to see what you've got first =)

  3. what did you have on the drive? mp3s, videos, and images?

    the program I has does a good job recovering the above mentioned, but that's about it.
  4. That's the main thing I need to recover - mp3s, videos...and hopefully some documents as well. If it doesn't do 100% that is ok; files I really need I can open up and copy out of my temp directory...I just can't do that with 15,000 files.
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