I need help with a graphics issue

I have a Sony Vaio with Microsoft MCE 2005 the graphics are OK, but I want more... I have a 19" LCD that has both a VGA and DVI input, I have now currently an Intel GMA 900 w/ TV, RCA, and S-Video, It also has an ati x300/600 graphics controller....

first off, I don't know what to do w/ the ATI controller (what is the purpose)
second... what would be a good card w/ a DVI out (cheap)...
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  1. u need at least a 6800gs or 7800gt.
  2. Get the 7900GT and you can play all games with no problem.
  3. but what is the issue with the ati controller, can i ust that with the onboard chipset or should i just do away with it altogether and jump on the nvidia card
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