How to stop auto-detecting external hdd at boot up Win 7

Hi, I've just had a new mother board installed in my tower, now it's a Pent 4 3.4g. I used to have my two external HDD's connected to the old system configuration but now at startup, when it gets to Auto-Detecting External HDD's it takes for ever to do anything. I have to unplug them, then do a reboot and all is fine, but then have to plug them back in again.

I know from reading some post's that it's in the BIOS startup sequence but I'm not quite sure where and what to change in the startup.

In the BIOS Boot Device Priority I have: 1st - Floppy Drive, 2nd - [3M-ST3200800AS], 3rd - [ATAPI CD-ROM], 4th - [Disabbled].

Hope someone can give me some step by step instructions to bypass these HDD's

Cheers, Kev.

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. set your internal HDD as a boot device.
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