Mouse Pointer freezing, freed by any keystroke...

I am having a problem where randomly my pointer will freeze and the only way to unstick it is to press a key on the keyboard. This happens on the desktop, in games, doesn't matter. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or knows how to fix it. It happens every 5-10 minutes or so. This is my setup:

Windows XP SP2
Athlon 64 3700
Razer Copperhead mouse (pretty sure newest drivers and firm)
Saitek Eclipse keyboard
XFX 7800GTX 256
Silverstone 600w
Creative X-Fi soundcard
3 gigs RAM
Plextor DVD R/W
WD Raptor 74gig
WD 160gig
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  1. There seem to be a lot of ppl having problems with this mouse.

    Here are a couple of links:

    My favorite fix quoted is:
    copperhead fix: Logitech G5

    I think your best solution is to talk to Razer directly about your problem. They seem to have pretty good customer service from what I hear.
  2. I just tried plugging in a basic $10 Logitech optical mouse. Same problem.

    BUT... could the logitech be running off the Razer drivers still?
  3. It's certainly a possibility that there is a conflict between the Razer drivers and other software on your system.

    I would try uninstalling the drivers and seeing if the problem is still evident.

    Another possibility is that there is a hardware conflict, so it's also worth trying another USB port (assuming you are using USB).
  4. So I tried using a different USB port, still happens. I uninstalled the Razer drivers and software, still happens. Then I plugged in a different mouse, still happens. Anyone else have a clue what is going on?
  5. I'd have to narrow it down to either the mobo or something in Windows. Anyone?
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