Ethernet cable, software & ISA questions

1. Can a computer that has only ISA slots (486) support an ethernet card for sharing off a router?

2. If the main computer, connected to a cable modem, is in the basement and the second computer to be connected, to the router, is on the next level on the opposite it possible to get a long ethernet cable and is it expensive?

3. Does the second computer also need to have the cable modem software installed; as well as the same OS installed?

This is my first attempt at connection sharing and I see the above questions as possible problems in making this specific connection and I apologize for so many questions at once.
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  1. 1. Yes, you should be able to find an ISA ethernet card that has all the functionality of a PCI ethernet card. It may not be as simple to configure, but they are readily available.

    2. The max length of 10baseTX (The cable which I assume you will be using, Cat-5 w/ RJ-45 connectors) has a max length of 100 meters. It is possible to extend the length with repeaters if absolutely necessary. A better choice for long distances would be to go with a coaxil cable, or thicknet 10base5. Max length for 10base5 is 500 meters.

    3. That depends on how your network is configured. You say one computer connects to a cable modem and one connects to a router? A typical home configuration would be connecting the cable modem and both computers to the central hub (router). That way your second computer would not have to run through your first computer to get to the cable modem, and if your cable modem is anything like mine then you won't need any software at all, unless it is to set up your email addresses.

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  2. 1. Yes, but I've only seen 10mbps cards...(a fastethernet card would slow down a 486 machine too much anyway.)
    2. Yes, no (not if you make the cable yourself).
    3. No (providing that you do some kind of routing/internet connection sharing along the way)


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