Which tv shows you watch everyday....

Guys,i am a huge fan of tv shows and games.I like to watch comedy tv shows.Glee is one of my favorites.I watch this tv shows everyday online for free @ seriesgate.com
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  1. "Family Guy"
  2. i dont watch any show everyday, but whenever there are new ones i watch dexter, sons, breaking bad, hellon wheels, walking dead, justified, sparticus, weeds just for starters. theres too many to remember
  3. ok, quick question. how can anybody watch any show every day? i know its possible but reruns,reruns,reruns. dont it get boring? unless its family guy or south park and your smoked out,lol, which i dont condone.
  4. Can't wait for the new walking dead. It ended so good last season. At the moment just been watching some comedy shows. New girl is really funny!!!
  5. Quote:
    I watch dexter tv show regular. This is a good entertaining show. In this show I like Jennifer Carpenter acting. She is a really beatyful and sexy. She is a good actress.

    jen carp looks kinda like a dude, i think. dex looks more fem
  6. Shows I watch every day? Hmm.. Big bang theory (nearly every day), Family Guy, American Dad, Friends, That '70s Show

    That's about it lol
  7. Oh, can't forget Boy Meets World.

    I like watching shows from when I was younger lol
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