Canon MX310 printer is offline, need to be online

Hi, My Cannon MX310 printer is offline. I ran through troubleshoot and it says the connection is ready and working, but its not. I don't know how to get the printer online, I have tried everything but a song and dance. Please help!!
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  1. I found your question trying to solve the problem of how to keep my MX410 printer from going into sleep mode because when it does my computer won't connect to the printer when I want to print, says the printer's off-line. Here's what I'm having to do: Press the On Button to wake the printer, then press it again to shut it off. Once its fully shut off I press the On Button to turn it back on. Once it turns back on it establishes a connection with the computer and I am able to print. I don't know if that solves your problem or not. Anyway I have yet to find a solution on how to keep my printer from going into sleep mode.
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