How decompress blue files, compressed by windows 7?

Hello, windows 7 doesn’t allow sparse allocation, it pre allocates the new files we download from emule or torrent, so I selected the option “Compress Contents To Save Disk Space” only for the 2 folders containing the incomplete files downloaded by these 2 programs (the folders with the completed ones are unselected); when a file has been finished by emule, it moves automatically to the emule completes folder and the color of its name became black, but the files completed by utorrent keep to be compressed (I checked the File Properties dialog) and blue colored even when they moves in the utorrent completes folder.

How can I get them in the usual way? Not only the color of the names of files, I just want to remove even the compression

thank you
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  1. Right-click on the file. Select "Properties". Click on the "Advanced" button. Untick "Compressed".

    BTW, Windows 7 does support sparse files, but it may be that your application doesn't.
  2. When a file is moved, it usually keeps it's attributes and therefore it stays compressed, if it was copied then deleted, it might be otherwise.
  3. Yes. moving just changes a pointer in the directory. it doesn't touch the file itself (unless you move to a different physical device).
  4. Hello, thank you for your answers

    I have found some topic on internet that vista and w7 have problems with sparse files, I used them for xp, but for w7 they didn’t work even if I activate them both for utorrent and emule

    the strange thing is that now in the emule complete folder they can turn normal automatically, but in the utorrent one they keep to be compressed and I have to decompress them by myself, the complete and the incomplete folder are in the same physical disks and partitions, I can’t see any difference that can cause it
  5. Hello,

    As it was said earlier in this topic, the "sparse files" functionality works well on Windows (NTFS volumes only). The other thing is how easy it is to use this feature ;).

    What I can suggest here is "SparseChecker" . It allows to analyze the file, estimate if it makes sense to make the file sparse and actually mark the file as sparse.

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