trouble with visontek 9200 as 2nd card

So this guy at work gave me a spare card. Visiontek 9200 256 PCI, said it was dead and that i might try to get it replaced under warranty and keep it.

I brought it home and put it in and took out my primary card (just in the process of loading SATA controller drivers and formatting new drives so i can install an OS so nothing really loaded right now) and it seemed to work fine (saw POST screen). I was thinking maybe its because im using DVI and he was using VGA...i dunno

at any rate I put my primary card back in the AGP slot (9800 pro AIW) booted back up and neither card displays anything (no post)

Is there some way I should have to set one card to "secondary" or something to get this to work? Or do I need to leave one card uninstalled until I get an OS running?

its possible the card is a dud afterall but when it is in not even my AGP card works...

any help is appreciated.
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  1. bump....anyone know why neither video card works when both are installed? im guessing some kind of IRQ conflict but i dont know how to tell if thats it or how to resolve it if possible.

    would really like to run these 2 cards instead of springing for a dual dvi agp card that I add to the AGP stockpile once I upgrade to pci-e in the future
  2. Well I don't think you can use a PCI card at the same time as an AGP card.
  3. Cold boot your system while holding [Insert].

    - Press and hold [Insert]

    - Power system on

    - When/If it beeps once (POST OK), release [Insert] key.
  4. install everything with the 9800 then stick the 9200 in see if a driver comes up,install it and you should be fine...thats all i did with my tnt2 :D
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