Faster CPU ? Which one ?

Anyone know if the AMD Opteron 285 is a faster performing CPU than the FX-60 for running Windows x64/future vista? General everyday computer programs, the occasional game.....anyone ? anyone ?......Buler ?

Thanks.... looking to set up a new system.....

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  1. do you mean the new 185? 285 is for Multi processor mobos. 185 vs. FX-60 And if I had to guess I would have to say that their performance would be very similar.
  2. Same 2.6Ghz clock speed, same 1 mb cache per core, same performance, diregarding minor socket 940/939 performance differences regarding ECC memory; the 285 is merely certified/enabled to work with another 285 on a dual socket 940 board....

    (At their debut anyway, a 285 was less expensive than an FX60, curiously enough...)
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