Dell Inspiron 600m - Hard Drive capacity reduction

I bought a Dell Inspiron 600m with 30GB hard drive a year ago.

Currently my system says the total size is 23.4 GB.

Please let me what could be the reason and what needs to be done.

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  1. I had two of those POS' from work, the 30 gig drive will actually be less, maybe 28-29 or so formated, that's normal as HD manufacturers base a meg on 1000k instead of 1024k. There is most likely a small partition with dell diags on it taking up a about a gig or two, go to disk manager and see what it shows. I'd recommend wiping the drive and do a clean install of xp, that will rid you of the diag partition and get rid of dell installed crap. I had 2 HD's, both 30gig, die in one of them and one hd die in the other, I think they were all hitachi drives.
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