Could the motherboard be damaged :?


About a month ago we started having power issues here and subsequently my video card has started giving problems and my DvD drive started to give me problems yesterday.

Firstly, I have a Nvidia NX6600 PCI-E card and all of a sudden a msg from the nvidia monitor kept poping saying that there is not enough power going to the card and that I should check to see whether the power cable is plugged in. Well, there is no plug for the cable to plug it into and my games has to be run at a lower resolution. This always happened after I just loaded games or rebooted my pc. Then I noticed that when I boot up windows, when the windows logo comes up, while it says please wait while windows loads, I noticed that on there are dash lines running across the screen, and this is in the bottom half of the screen, the thing is that it just flahes for a second or 2 and then dissappears.
Secondly, while writing a dvd the other day all of a sudden it just stopped at 56% and stayed there for like 30mins, and I was writing at 8X. So I find pc is hanging and reboot pc and I find that the bios doesn't detect my DvD drive ne more, but in windows I am able to see and access the drive, but when I use nero then it doesn't pick the drive up.

I have since managed to reinstall XP but the same problems persist as described above. So the question is, could my mb be messed up or is it maybe just the parts that needs to be replaced.

N e help will be appreciated thanks. :?
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  1. power surge damaged your pc format c$ fixes all
  2. So u saying that formating the C drive will sort everything out, I thought the a surge a spike will damage equipment.
  3. lmao no format c$ will not fix your problem the power surge has damaged parts in your pc. Another question were u using a power surge bar for your pc?
  4. Get surge protection gear now, eg: a cheap Belkin surge cube.

    Get another decent PSU for testing / fault isolation, eg: Antec TruePower II 430 watt.

    Try the gear on another PSU, behind the surge protector, if the surge protector LEDs indicate a failure do not resume testing until it is replaced.

    Bin all failed components.

    Look into fixing the power supply to your home and/or protecting it a little more.

    :!: Lesson: Never run a PC without a decent PSU and surge gear.

    PS: Fomat of your HDD will not repair the damaged hardware, as stated about. FORMAT C: /<switches> does not fix all. :P
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