Urgent help with LCD Monitor!

I really need urgent advice on weather this 19" (No name brand?) TFT LCD
monitor will be worth buying for gaming..... I'm getting it very very cheap


• High Contrast ration for sharp & clear images
• Slim & compact makes wall mounting easy
• Fast Response time 8ms
• Wide viewing angles
• Stylish ultra thin design


Contrast Ratio 500:1
Brightness 250 cd/m2
• Max Resolution : 1280 x 1024
• Colour : 16.2m
• Dot Pitch (mm) : 0.294 x 0.294
• Vertical Frequency : 60 – 75Hz
• Horizontal Frequency : 30 -80Hz
• Compatibility : PC / Mac
• Analog Input : D-SUB
• Voltage : AC100 – 240V / 50 – 60Hz
• Comsumption : 48W
• Dimensions : 485 x 527 x 140mm
• Weight : 5.8kg

Please Help
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  1. I would say no. Resons for this:

    Contrast ratio only 500:1 - not very good
    What is the refresh rate? 4ms, 8ms, 12ms? This is VERY important, especially for gaming.
    You'd probably better off getting a 17" monitor that goes upto 1280x1024 for crisper clarity.
    Try and get one with a low ms like 4 or 8.
  2. the response time, t rise plus t fall, is one thing refresh rate is another thing (vertical scaling rate).....

    look for tn screens they are faster than pva ..for the moment...i would go for 17 inch....
    look for 740bf samsung or equivalent...they say it has 2ms response time gray to gray.......and the price is ok...anyway cheaper than 19 inch display
  3. Thanks for the advice, guess I'll stick to a 17"

    But the only Samsung I can get hold of is the 713N

    17" Viewable Area
    • 300 cd/m2 Brightness
    • 600:1 Contrast Ratio
    • 8 ms Response Time
    • Analog Interface
    • 1280x1024 Max. Resolution

    I dont know the difference between digital and analog as this one is analog?

    Is it worth going for?

    Please advise.
  4. the vga interface is analog and the dvi interface is digital...something like that.....you can either connect you display through vga or dvi interface...of course there are differences between them....the dvi interface has a standard resolution of max 1600x1200, of course the display would have to support that ..the image quality is better, not disturbed by analog interferences,
    the analog interface, is standard for most crt screens, any video card has such interface ..the image quality is good
    most lcd displays have both vga and dvi interface....17inch have 1280x1024 resolution so it can be used with vga interface with no problems

    713n is good ..is rather old but ok....if the price is ok go for it....
    unless you find 730bf, 740bf for a good price ..go for that ....713n
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