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Floppy Drive freaks out

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March 23, 2006 8:03:15 AM

I upgraded my old computer to a A8N-e, 3800+ 64 x2, 2 gb XMS, and a 7900 gt, and also Windows XP Pro (was running 2K before) and I'm having trouble getting my floppy drive to work (same one as before).

It worked prior to installing the new mainboard and everything. Now I want to flash my BIOS and to do that I need to make a boot disk (if im not mistaken).

I've got all the windows updates installed, SP 2 is there and windows says the device is working properly. When I insert a disk the drive just makes an odd sound, sort of like its just trying to read the disk but nothing happens. Im clicking on the A: drive under My Computers but its not reading. I've got it enabled in the BIOS too as a legacy diskette so Im not sure what the problem is. Maybe the old one isn't compatible with the new motherboard?

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March 23, 2006 8:43:07 AM

Be careful: sometimes you can't connect your floppy drive with its previous cable, and you have to use the motherboard's.

Also, ensure you haven't reversed the cable: there's a twist in it, try to turn the cable around and boot: the drive's light should flash a little while (2sec) then shut down. If it doesn't try again until it does (shouldn't be all dark or all green). It might fix your problem. Keep in mind that if you want to upgrade your BIOS, having an updated WinXP is irrelevant.

Be sure that 'legacy diskette' is the proper setting to use in the BIOS. If you have something showing up as '1.44 floppy', select it instead.
March 23, 2006 8:59:19 AM

Hey Mitch, appreciate the reply.

Looking down right now at the floppy with no disk in it or anything the green LED is on. I'm gonna check the cable and see whats up. Thanks.
March 23, 2006 10:20:23 AM

It sounds like you have the cable going to the floppy drive plugged in upside down. It is easy to do and will cause the floppy drive to act weird and make noise.