strange problems with my 7900 gt sli setup, need help!

Ok guys, help me out here, really struggling with this system.

First off I originally had a dfi nf4 expert but my video would turn off whenever I did a restart, and sometimes it wouldn't come on from a cold boot as well.

So now I'm on this asus board and its much more stable, haven't had the video turn off on any reboot, it did not come on a couple times from a cold boot though. But the past few times it's been good.

So I got everything installed, latest nforce 4 drivers and video card drivers. I attempted to try SLI and the screen is just all garbled and flickering and unplayable... I tried quake 4 1.05 and half life 2, also 3d mark doesn't report that I'm in SLI mode (don't know if its supposed to). So for now I'm running in single card mode, but even then on a couple reboots the screen was all messed up (stretched oddly etc). I was able to fix it by resetting the resolution but that's still pretty strange. I tried some games and they seem to run well.

Another odd thing is device manager thinks i ahve 6 monitors, 2 plug and play ones (my real monitors) and 4 default monitors. In display properties it says I have 3 monitors, with #2 being disabled and inactive. Wtf?? Do I have some bad cards? RMA time?
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  1. I have the xfx 6600 pci expressx16

    I bought an asus motherboard that said it supported it and it did not it only ran at x4 and my graphics looked as if there was a big power surge going through the monitor, so I returned it and told them it did not support the card.

    I have since replaced the board with an elite 915pl-a2 sli ready and now it runs great.

    I am not keen on asus after finding out about the board I had bought. and I told them that.
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