did I fry my system?

I recently cleared the CMOS on my athlon 2.8 xp/msi k7n-delta/1 gig ram system because it wouldn't boot (turned out it wouldn't boot with the ipod attached). Now its' been a long time before I've done anything with this system and I think I made a serious mistake... I set the FSB to 200 (for some reason I thought that's what it ran at). When the comp rebooted no screen came up/no beeps etc. Clearing the cmos doesn't seem to do anything, did I fry it?
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  1. Did you return CMOS jumper on his previous position?
  2. Yes I set teh cmos jumper back after I cleared it.
  3. If your board dont have any protection then you probbably fry something :roll:

    Now find someone who has system based on Socket A AMD, and he is
    willing to blast his PC in milions pices to help you find what did you fry:)

    Start with CPU exchange.
  4. ....check whether the video card or the memory slot is inserted properly..
    you said this came with the ipod ..... was it usb attached?
  5. Yeah it was a usb attached ipod, once I unplugged it it worked fine. I don't think it could be the video card/memory being seated unproperly because I never took them out :? Oh well... I got 2 years out of that system... I wish I didn't wreck it doing something so stupid though..
  6. ok...usb sometimes does get stucked like your did :lol:
    you don`t have to take the expansion slots out to cause malfunction of this or bad connections...you can just simply move the case and cause this...
  7. Take the clock battery out with the computer off, sometimes the clearing thing fails, when taking the battery out works
  8. What is the EXACT name of CPU that you have?
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