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So I'm going to run a GeForce 6600GT on an HP Pavilion 775e. I'd like to replace the Power Supply (as the one that came with it is only 200W). However, the supply unit looks small. Does anyone know if HP usees weird PS units? I got a XION Simply 400W XON-400X ATX 400W Power Supply and the width is ok, but it is so long it butts up against my CD drive. There is no room for the CD cables, and the vents on the back of the power supply are completely blocked. I'm guessing I need a shorter power supply, but often dimensions are not listed in the specs. Any suggestions?
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  1. well according to this, these are your current PS specs.

    So this FSP Group (Fortron Source) FSP300-60GLS 300W should fit better and is *much* better quality. At less than $50 w/ shipping it is not a bad deal.

    edit: the combined +12v is just over 22A so it should have no problems. A former coworker recently got one for his emachine w/ a vanilla 6800, works great.
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