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Has anybody done, or know of any site which offers tips on installing a remote sensor to power on a computer remotely, like a TV.

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  1. Anybody? Help... :(
  2. How about reading the most recent THG Denguru article on HTPC Remotes. :/
  3. I haven't read the article either, but here is one remote that I found:
    and reviewed here:

    Try googling (or froogling) for the part number to see if anyone actually sells it.
    Good luck!
  4. Thank you. That was exactly something I was looking for. :)
  5. The article is worth reading. Looks like the Thermaltake media lab remote also has a power function.

    and the Mplay remotes from this company:

    and even a few of the Soundgraph products:

    The Tom's article mentions those remotes, but there was no mention of the power-on capabilities (unless I missed something.)
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