Dual 940 FX-53's?

I've been looking all over the internet for this information and can't seem to find it, and decided to sign up to this forums because, I've always gone to this website for info on hardware (First time poster).

So anyways my mobo shit the bed and I'm having a hard time finding a single slot 940 mobo for my fx-53 processor. I was wondering if I were to buy a new motherboard that was a dual slot 940, and then I bought another 940 fx-53, if I could run them as dual processors..It seems like a dumb question but I don't want to waste my money on something that won't work. Thanks in advance :o

cuz ya know the idea struck me that dual fx's would be pretty kick ass if it could work, but I'm not sure.
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  1. an FX-53 is socket 939
  2. Not sure if it would work....Opteron 2xx and 8xx series have 3 Hypertransport Tunnels, one for bus interfacing and 2 for talking to each other. Not sure the FX-53 has them...so may not work in dual support, nothing to stop you using a single FX-53.

  3. I don't think so, the FX-53 doesn't have the MP connections. For that you need to get an Opty 2XX for dual processor, or an 8XX for upto 8 processors.
  4. FYI The FX-53 came in both Socket 940 and Socket 939 configurations. But I agree that the FX-53 does not have the SMP functionality that is needed for what you want to do. Get 2 x 2xx opties and have at her.
  5. your not that fool from yahoo chat who always claimed to have dual fx chips i knew that dude was a liar dual fx's isnt possible
  6. Um. No. Some fool stole my name!!!??? Ratbastard!! I've had sole use of this name since DukeNukem 3d!! Dual Fx's isn't possible unless you have an FX-60 or 62 then it's dual core.
  7. Duh!! Nevermind. I didn't read the in reply to part. But still..... if someone uses my name..... Your a Ratbastard!

    (This is me slinking down in my chair feeling stupid)
  8. Don't you remember the FX-51?
  9. LOL no worries.
  10. I would reccomend sell the fx53 and using the moneh to buy 2 275 940 chips and you'll be in computer bliss with 4 cpu's.
  11. Yo cant run two FX-53s or FX-51s, they dont have the HT connections. This is the difference between the 100, 200, and 800 series opterons.

    The S940 FX's are just 100 series Opterons by a different name. Any Opteron 940 board will work with your FX-53.

    Just pick up a nice pretty Tyan nForce Pro board with PCI-X, dual PCI-Ex16, and two CPU sockets, use your single CPU in it for now and then later replace it with two Opteron 275s and have 4 logical CPUs :D

    If you are looking to save money..... isnt the FX-53 2.4 gigs with 1mb cache? rather than buy a $400 Dual socket mobo, and carrying on using expensive+high latencey ECC ram, and buy another FX-53 from who knows where, but a cheap 939 board and a 4800 X2, and its two FX-53s in one!
  12. Ok cool, cuz I was thinking there had to be something special for it to work and it seems there is. I think I'll do what you guys are saying and get the dual and eventually upgrade to dual opterons. Well there goes my x1600 Pro and x800Pro, damn agp.
  13. Once I set up a dual opteron workstation , my distribuitor sent 2 144 opty instead 2 244 opty ... when installed , the 2 opty , only one was recognized by bios and only when the other one was removed the MB started ok for system config (Tyan MB) . So FX-53 would probably behave as those 144 opterons in any dual socket MB .
  14. Yes I thought that was how it worked :)

    I'd look at the ASUS K8N-DL if you are looking at something 'cheap', although its still gonna be like $200+

    If you want the possibility of SLi, then something like the Tyan K8WE. This bord is just sexy, although it will hit you for like $400 or so.
  15. Hmmm you are right the CPU support page only mentions the 200 series, not even the 800 http://www.tyan.com/support/html/cpu_athlon_duron_opteron.html

    But it actually says 'Single core opterons' and goes through the single core 200s and 800s and then 'dual core opterons' and lists the dual core ones, it doesnt make mention of running a single CPU.

    Also, the single S940 boards there dont say they support the FX-51 and FX-53, only the 100 series. But I'd bet that a 200, 800, (after all an 800 works in 4 way boards and a 200 works alone in a 2 way board) or FX-51/3 would work there, its just unlisted.
  16. dual socket MB do not support 1xx opteron or FX . One socket MB maybe compatible to 2xx and FX CPU's .
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