New computer arrives today! What tests should I perform?


Thanks to all of you for helping me decide on what components to purchase for my new computer. It arrives from Monarch Computers today, but now I'm not sure what to do first, aside from opening it up and verifying all the right parts are in it.

What tests/checks should I perform on my new computer?


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  1. You might want to run a few hrs of Prime95, not to overclock, but just to make sure you don't have any flakey RAM or a faulty CPU or of that sorts.
  2. That's kewl that your getting your new build today and good luck with it.

    I would run prime95 and memtest for sure like the other posts say. Prime will help burn everything in and get it broken in good.
  3. Run the X3 benchmark from and look out for any Oblivion benchmark coming up in the next few weeks.
  4. 3DMark 05 is a good start as is Prime95. I believe those both are great ways to get your computer started.
  5. Prime95 for 12-24 hours, then 3DMark.
  6. Are you getting your computer from a reputable computer store like dell or even e-machine?, beause they do the reliablity test before they ship to you. and you might just need a performance test for you info.

    Good luck on your new compter.
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